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system consisting of the network of all communication channels used within an organization


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Business Information Systems and Technology is a concise and readable book that aims to be a level-by-level primer that addresses the core subjects in business information systems and business information technology.
A leading academic in business information systems has been appointed the new dean of Newport Business School.
Next year Arnold will drop his courses in business information systems at DeVry University and enroll in a degree program increasingly appearing in university catalogs: video-game design.
IJBIS" covers the general areas of business information systems (BIS), defined as a system which integrates information technology, people and business.
Returning to our company described earlier, which suffered flood damage, your client would have benefited greatly from having a disaster recovery plan that addressed the loss of its critical data and business information systems functions.
UK telecomms company BT Plc has entered into a partnership with voice and data systems supplier NICE Systems that will see its BT Business Information Systems division receiving recording and replay products.
Having all parts ordering and status information easily available also can improve customers' business information systems in their fab.
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