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In its recent "Qatar ICT Landscape -- 2016" report, the ministry said some 97% of the government-owned establishments in Qatar have reported the presence of a documented archiving/backup policy, compared to the privately owned business establishments (41%).
The Fourth District states of Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia stand out because they are all in the lowest quintile of the 50 states with respect to the growth in the number of business establishments over this period.
Les affaires, as the French press has benignly dubbed 18 months of scandals, have reached the highest ranks of the French business establishment.
Under the Act, a qualifying new business establishment may receive quarterly incentive payments from the Oklahoma Tax Commission for up to ten years.
Our environment officers and public safety and order people have been doing their job, but still, many owners of business establishments and the public are not following the ordinance, thus, we will be strictly enforcing it," Salda said.
The lawsuit continues that the theme park's policy of not admitting certain people and stereotyping them based on race or national origin, ``is unlawful and arbitrary and constitutes an attempt to engage in an unlawful boycott or blacklist discrimination by a business establishment.
They had come up with a number of different ways that something could be considered a business establishment.
It got easier because affable, soft-spoken Williams, the son of two schoolteachers from Tennessee, is a key member of the Atlanta business establishment.
If there is more than one business establishment, a separate log and summary must be posted in each physical location that is expected to be in operation for one year or longer.
Business establishment owners allowing their costumers to smoke in non-designated smoking area will be fined P3,000 for first offense; P4,000, for second offense; and P5,000 for third offense, or possible closure.
Like every other business establishment at The Promenade mall in Woodland Hills, there were still long lines at the ice cream vendor in the food court Wednesday afternoon.
When the Hollywood Bowl was forced to close down during its opening week due to a financial crisis, Chandler used the power of her name and her paper to mobilize the city's business establishment.
Americans have abandoned their traditional sense of reliance and trust on institutions such as government, the business establishment, or even the medical profession.
The database information may not be used for purposes of insurance, loans, credit, employment, education, scholarships, fellowships, housing or accommodations, benefits, privileges or services provided by any business establishment, according to rules outlined in a Department of Justice brochure.
We shall conclude the Boy Scouts is not a business establishment within the meaning of the (state's Civil Rights) act,'' wrote Presiding Justice Robert K.
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