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The CTTMO chief, or the city government for that matter, should have launched a massive information dissemination campaign to inculcate in the consciousness of the business establishment owners and the general public as well, that there is such an ordinance.
An official of City Transportation and Traffic Management Office (CTTMO) warned that the business establishments would be summoned if they continued to have exclusive parking in public streets.
Leones is pushing to amend the implementing rules and regulations of the Clean Water Act to require all business establishments to secure a water-discharge permit, regardless whether they are already connected to sewer lines of water service providers.
"While those who work in the city government are already required to undergo drug testing at least once a year, we also want drug-free business establishments in the private sector," Belmonte said.
The list includes 195 business establishments, nine of which have since instituted corrective measures by connecting to sewer lines.
Under Section 115 of RA 8424, Gonzales said a business establishment may be closed down by BIR over its "failure to issue receipts or invoices; failure to file a value-added tax return; or understatement of taxable sales or receipts by 30 percent or more of the correct taxable sales."
We remember one business establishment telling the police it has to seek clearance from their national offices before they could release the tapes to the police.
'When a customer or general citizen can make a complaint against business establishment regarding the payment of tax through using the mobile app, normally the businessman will become careful in this regard and pay tax regularly,' he added.
The usage of off-site data storage facilities increases with the increase in the size of the business establishment, with 8% of businesses with 250 or more employees backing up their data to the cloud.
The chamber's refocused mission is to stimulate local business establishment, growth and development by facilitating business-to-business and business-to-community relationships throughout Utah Valley.
To boost opportunities for productive employment, member states of the Caribbean Community will be removing existing restrictions on the right of business establishment, the provision of services, the movement of capital and the movement of selected skills in order to establish the CSME by December 31, 2005.
Certainly, owning a business establishment that caters to any one group of people is in no way a sin.
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