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the central area or commercial center of a town or city

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Founders, Brian Sckipp and John Salvaggio, hope to emulate the success of their new neighbor in the business district, Tate's Bake Shop, which began as a local operation in Southampton Village before achieving national distribution and acclaim.
The 15-storey Mabuhay Tower at the Cebu IT Park will help ease unserved demand for BPO spaces in this business district.
The Business District will be welcoming the seasonal festivities in style with mulled wine, mince pies and a singalong with Colmore Chorus - the District's very own choir - plus a roller-skating Christmas pudding.
Another business district is located in the northern part of the city district of Zverynas.
On a I'm thrilled help continue from Ann Tonks, Opus group director and board member of Colmore Business District, has previously served as chairman of the Food Festival committee, a role now performed by Armadeep Gill from law firm Trowers and Hamlins.
In Seoul, serious efforts have been put forth by government officials and city planners to lure businesses out of established business districts and into newly created districts.
The City of Venice (City) is hereby soliciting Letters of Interest to seek interested parties (proposer) in the development of a downtown parking solution to service an area of the City of Venice commonly known as the Business District.
5 Tokyo central business district, 5 Central Wards; down from No.
Business District will be centred on a Terminal Complex that will contain a second terminal for the airport and a train station for Doha, with metro and long-distance rail links.
It is part of a broader project to renew the business district.
SHREWSBURY - Within two years, pedestrians and motorists will be able to travel through the town's Lakeway Business District and see beautiful trees, shrubbery and flowers in faux brick traffic islands down the middle of Route 9, and alongside the roadway.
Banuelos said a big part of that effort is revitalizing the business district and the San Fernando Mall, and that the chamber is doing all it can to support the city's efforts.
Developers realize that a single building by itself cannot transform a city's business district.
The proposal to create a business district for entrepreneurs of African descent has divided officials, residents and activists in Detroit, Michigan, a city whose population is 82 percent African-American, according to the 2000 Census.
Last August I spent 10 days poking around the greater Johannesburg area, from the ravaged Central Business District to the squatter camps, from the townships to the wealthy suburbs.
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