business data processing

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data processing in accounting or business management

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The premise of the title was lost on me by the time I completed my initial reading of the piece--namely, Web information systems (WIS) as the next generation of business data processing. With the subtle comparisons between two companies and numerous statistics, such as browser market share and server installations, the information content generalized the theme, rather than supporting it with more detailed information.
It describes the ease with which those reps can now gain access to valuable data bases since Pacific Bell improved its business data processing operations and customer service with an interactive communications system that involves some 10,000 shared terminals and circuits.
Business data processing has evolved over the last 50 years.
SIGBDP (Business Data Processing and Management), SIGCHI (Computer and Human Interaction), SIGCPR (Computer Personnel Research), SIGDOC (Systems Documentation), SIGMOD (Management of Data), SIGNUM (Numerical Mathematics), SIGSOFT (Software Engineering).
Technologies and methodologies used in the planning, design, development, implementation, maintenance, operation and management of business data processing. Emphasis is on improving the effectiveness of computer-based information systems.