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the body of individuals who manage businesses


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However, he said that he needed the cooperation and support of business community for developing markets and industrial areas.
Highlighting certain issues faced by the business community, the delegation members presented various proposals aimed at further facilitation of the business community, reducing input costs and taking other necessary measures for boosting confidence of the business community and capitalizing trade potential of the country especially enhancement of trade with international trade partners and organizations.
The Businessmen Panel of the FPCCI in a statement issued today said FTA with China is against the interests of Pakistan and local business community as it is causing massive losses to limping economy of Pakistan.
In this regard proper mechanism of interaction between policy makers and business community need to be make.
The business community delegation included Central President of Anjumani Tajiraan and District Council member Tariq Khan, Chairman Qazi Javid, General Secretary Wahab Yousafzai, Deputy General Secretary Mian Khalid Shah, Finance Secretary Mian Alam Safi, Meena Bazaar's President Haji Aftab Khan, General Secretary Latif Khan, Deputy Secretary Qari Istiyaq, Vegetable seller president Sher Mama, Sweet and Bakers President Haji Hazrat Hussan, General Secretary Farman Ali, Village Council Nazim Muhammad Iqbal Safi and former Nazim Haji Fazl-Haq DSP Saleem Riaz Khan, SHO Takhtbhai Fazal Khan also participated in a meeting.
But the business community -- which had organized what had been expected to be a bitter and costly referendum on an earlier version of the ordinance -- also opposed the revised measure and said it could challenge it in court.
The process of developing a model agreement that (1) adheres to the stated goals of simplification and modernization, (2) allows state tax administrators to garner the support of state legislators and (3) provides a framework that the business community can tolerate, has been challenging.
The Hispanic business community is among this country's fastest-growing and most significant sectors," noted Medina.
With the Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce, HCC created the Housatonic Research Institute to provide free high-quality, low-cost strategic planning data to the business community and other interested constituencies.
TEI can represent the business community only if we hear from you, not only about "big picture" topics (such as consumption taxes, the merits or demerits of a territorial system, and corporate rates) but on smaller ones as well.
This is an example of how the business community can really get involved in a very creative way," Harlan said.
Thomas has been refining the details of his bill since he introduced a similar international tax measure last year--a bill that caused concern for some in the business community.
We have consistently focused on reporting the issues that are relevant to the northern business community.
But the pundits failed to take into account a number of circumstances that augured well for passage: a booming economy that has helped mute the cries of protectionists, the enormous economic benefits the United States gains from the deal, a willingness by a united business community to link PNTR to such issues as human rights, and support from a number of old-line labor Democrats.
Not surprisingly, the business community expressed immediate opposition.
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