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a school for teaching the clerical aspects of business and commerce

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Community Business College offers over a hundred online courses in the four categories of 1) Career and Professional development, 2) Computers and Technology, 3) Writing and Publishing and 4) Personal Development.
The National Business College is a private training organisation based in Huddersfield.
DuBois Business College offers both Associate in Specialized Business Degrees and Diploma programs, is licensed by the State Board of Private Licensed Schools, and is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools.
Tietgen Business College is experiencing strong growth and therefore need more space for teaching and staff.
This contract win represents a major coup for Anderson Business College.
Though set up as an ethnic minority college, the International Business College values the diversity in the UK and welcomes students from other racial groups.
The ``classroom on wheels'' is a new LDV Convoy minivan and will be used by trainers from the Business College at Swansea College to create a classroom environment for its adult learner clientele, close to their places of work.
Salt Lake City -- LDS BUSINESS COLLEGE recently won first place at a regional competition for its Student in Free Enterprise program.
above a former Sony outlet in refurbished office space that was once the Ontario Business College site.
His portfolio included a realty and investment company, a cemetery, funeral home, two radio stations, a senior citizens center and a business college, all of which led BLACK ENTERPISE to name Gaston "Entrepreneur of the Century" in June of that year.
Located in California's Central Valley, Community Business College offers a wide variety of "lifelong learning" courses to its students and to those who are interested in learning new skills.
He attended Emory and Henry College and graduated from National Business College with a degree in Accounting.
com)-- Community Business College has teamed up with the Modesto Bee's DealSaver coupon program by offering a coupon for 50% to 74% off of tuition for both on-campus and online enrichment classes at Community Business College.
Austin Jaffe left the university's business college faculty 25 years ago for a position at Penn State University.
com)-- Community Business College is offering a new discount promo code to kick off Cyber-Week 2012.
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