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a school for teaching the clerical aspects of business and commerce

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That same year, Benton Harbor College and Normal became Benton Harbor Business College and converted to teaching business courses.
They are boosting financial literacy to help the business college connect with the real world."
Community Business College's director, Dan Guerra, made the following statement regarding the project:
National Business College is an independent apprenticeship training provider based in the centre of Huddersfield, offering apprenticeships in business administration and customer service.
The Durham Federation, which brings together Durham Community Business College, in Ushaw Moor, and Fyndoune Community College, in Sacriston, is consulting on proposals to reduce staff by 21.9 full-time teaching posts and 11 support staff.
I am a professor of Public Relations and Event Management at a leading business college and am thus in touch with many students on a regular basis.
The new centre is aimed at fostering entrepreneurship through exchange programmes that will allow DePaul University students to study abroad in Qatar, which giving Qatari students the opportunity to go to Chicago to work with business college faculty and alumni, said a statement.
The federation where she was chief includes Durham Community Business College in Ushaw Moor and Fyndoune Community College in Sacriston, which last year was named the country's most improved secondary school.
In addition, she worked as a full-time Instructor in the School of Healthcare at Dover Business College teaching online and on-site courses, while also serving as the Online Program Coordinator.
She took part in a seminar at the Business College, Washington DC, and presented a paper on the education and job opportunities offered to non-Bahrainis as well as archaeological sites and leisure facilities.
TIGER Woods' wife Elin has enrolled in an international business college as she prepares for a pounds 240million divorce windfall from her cheating husband.
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