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a card on which are printed the person's name and business affiliation

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This assures us that Indians are ready to embrace our business card management software in order to boost their careers.
The Core Image Effects integration with Home Business Card allows to use more then a hundred of Core Image Effects and Filters available in MacOS X.
An official with ICBC said that ICBC has now become Asias largest card issuer with 110 million credit cards issued, including over 7 million business cards issued to more than 70,000 central and local Party and government departments and public institutions.
The police official also clarified that his rank on his alleged business card was false.
charity, I'm auctioning the only Apple Sam Sung business card I have left and
If you have already taken pictures of a business card, the app will still accept that.
Because they are a valuable marketing tool, company employees should have access to professionally designed business cards, especially if they attend events or engage with consumers on any level.
NewSoft, a provider of productivity-enhancing software, said today that it has introduced a new app that enables Android phone users to capture and manage business cards.
Russell explained the CUSO so far found that most business card underwriting does not differed too much from consumer card lending, in part since so many small business owners financed their businesses on their own credit.
With the Visa Signature Business card, you're in control.
The application also allows the user to look up a new address captured from a business card with Google Maps without requiring it to be saved in the mobile address book.
Functionality: Neat Business Cards installs a button in users' Outlook toolbar that provides the ability to scan a business card directly into Outlook as a contact file.
which manages the center, said, ''A business card is no longer useful when a person's company title changes.
VINTAGE FOR A CAUSE: Give your passport and business card holders a fun and elegant twist with suede covers inspired by antique Italian and French fabrics.
The importance of (in particular) the business card ritual as the prelude to a meeting cannot be over emphasized.
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