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a card on which are printed the person's name and business affiliation

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The Eight app uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven technologies to accurately digitize users' business cards and helps connect users with their business contacts through a social media framework that transforms business cards into actionable business connections.
The Core Image Effects integration with Home Business Card allows to use more then a hundred of Core Image Effects and Filters available in MacOS X.
The brochure should include all the information listed on your tri-fold business card and allow you to expand upon this information, in particular, by adding photographs.
GET THE RIGHT DESIGN A business card that is creative, unique and of a good quality is more likely to leave a positive first impression, putting the owner's brand ahead of competitors.
'Be aware if you lose a loved one and someone dies in your family while staying at Nishat - you cannot cry in your room otherwise people might drop business cards,' she writes in a second post on Instagram.
Society has pigeonholed us into thinking that our identity is related to our business card.
Having singular business cards inside a coat pocket or sack can end up noticeably badly designed.
Here are 10 reasons you should have a business card:
Tip: Connect your LinkedIn account to Evernote and enrich your Business Card notes with additional information from LinkedIn.
A new service is now issuing custom QR Codes that can make ordinary paper business cards mobile-friendly, digitally engaging, and fully interactive.
AUDIENCE Conor and card A BUILDER chanced his arm when he met Conor McGregor by slipping him his business card.
MANILA -- Alyzza Agustin, the model who came under fire after she had used the alleged business card of Philippine National Police Directorate for Plans Alexander Ignacio to dodge a traffic violation, apologized for the incident Tuesday night using her Facebook account.
A former Apple employee named after the company's rival is selling his business card on eBay.
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