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an agent who handles business affairs for another

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Among directives for rank & file: "Labor's first commandment: "THOU SHALL NOT CROSS THE LINE;" "ONCE A PICKET LINE IS ESTABLISHED, your Business Agents and other Union Officials are legally gagged and handcuffed from giving advice pertaining to THAT JOB.
She moved discreetly around New York as a business agent, personal shopper, confidante and eyes and ears of the former first lady, the report said.
Bruce, business agent for the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 22.
David Gill, chief executive of Rooney's football club Manchester United, and Paul Stretford, business agent for the former Everton player, were at the court as both were scheduled to give evidence yesterday.
Current Location : Ahmedabad Contact Person : S K Misra Description /Remark : We are one of the leading manufacturer and export of Riboflavin 5'-Phosphate Sodium - USP (Vitamin B2 5 Phosphate) and looking for users of this product and also a genuine and reliable business agent to represent and promote our product in Libya and surround regions.
Earlier this summer, Dow Jones outsourced printing of the Journal from its Denver plant to the Denver Newspaper Agency, the business agent of The Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News.
Oak Ridge Micro-Energy, a developer and manufacturer of thin film rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, has appointed Yasuo Mohri as its exclusive representative and business agent in Japan.
An essential quality of a business agent is its dimension of "intelligence.
The police believe that one of the suspects, import business agent Yoshihide Majima, 31, posted the advertisement for 100-milligram Viagra pills on a Web site he created around July 17 without government authorization.
Because of the repressive nature of the Russian government, Hillman emigrated and settled as a cutter in a Chicago garment factory in 1907, soon becoming a business agent for a United Garment Workers local.
Become acquainted with the union business agent and the shop stewards as your key contacts for initial and continuing activities.
The purchase drive was led by Lloyd Groomes, business agent of the local union of the Lumber and Sawmill Workers, a unit of the Carpenters union.
It's an experiment," Bob McDonald, business agent of Manhattan's Local 1, boasted to Business Week at the time"Maybe it will work and bring in other producers with shows.
Westcor will provide a unique fulfillment solution by integrating its core business agent relationships into a centralized service vehicle that will provide a 'Best in Class' service level for the lender with an on the ground local feel.
Al Liberatore, business agent with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 456 added, This is a win-win for our members and for Entergy.
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