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the address at which a business is located

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Florendo said PSA will be collecting data on business name, registered name, franchise, business address, contact numbers/address, economic and legal organization, nationality of owner/majority stockholder, main economic activity, total employment, total number of paid employees, total assets in range, year started operation, and name and address of main office and parent company, and list of branches, if any.
A spokesman for West Midlands Police said: "Police responding to a report about suspicious activity at a business address in Moseley Street, Highgate, have discovered hundreds of cannabis plants.
DPS rules bar individuals from using post office box numbers or business addresses as home address on their licenses.
MANAMA: Offices at the Bahrain Financial Harbour (BFH) were evacuated last night, although police said there was no report of an emergency at the prestigious business address. The alarm sounded in at least one of the office blocks at the BFH, the GBCORP Tower, at around 8.30pm - prompting employees working late to leave the building in darkness after the power went off.
A top city business address is in line for an overhaul that will see new life breathed into a Victorian feature rarely seen by the general public.
While Thomas Donohue, in his annual "State of American Business Address" to business leaders at the U.S.
Organisers are seeking nominations for a host of categories from among businesses of all types and sizes and the awards are open to all firms with a business address in the Examiner''s circulation area.
Neal, said he also has a business address, but he does not live at his office.
William Byron is a Jesuit priest and an economist: his teachings at various universities and discussions of both ethics and business address issues of fairness, integrity, and how to foster and support these values.
This information may include officer names, physical business address, daytime phone number, sales tax certificate, business license, product catalog, annual reports, etc.
Many virtual office plans include a prestigious business address, a receptionist for answering the telephone, voice mail, and use of an office with high-speed Internet access.
Police issued search warrants for two residential addresses and one business address. It was at one of the residential properties that the cache of firearms were seized - including shotguns, automatic and semi-automatic weapons.
Rule 217.14 requires all RNs performing radiologic procedures outside a hospital that either participates in the federal Medicare program or is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals to notify the BNE by filing an application registering the RN's license information and the name and business address of the practitioner or director of radiological services under whose instruction or direction the radiologic procedures are being performed.
The spokesman said: "We can confirm that the Immigration Service mounted intelligence-led operations at a residential and a business address in Leamington on April 19.
"These records must generally describe the activities performed by the investment banker, the portion of the fee allocable to each of these activities and the investment banker's name, business address and phone number.
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