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activity undertaken as part of a commercial enterprise

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1998-1,(19) an out-of-state business is subject to the SBT if it regularly and systematically conducts in-state business activity through its employees, agents, representatives, independent contractors, brokers or others acting on its behalf, whether or not these individuals or organizations reside in Michigan.
Seven of eight components in the business activity index rose between May and June, underscoring the general local economic improvements," said David L.
Littmann noted that in April, most components of the Michigan Business Activity Index were stable, but the financial sector experienced a four point loss, accounting for 80 percent of the index slippage.
Although the Global Services Business Activity Index fell slightly in December from last month's survey high of 62.
Improvement in the Michigan Business Activity Index during March primarily reflected a spurt in state output of motor vehicles especially vans and trucks," said David L.
469-2(f)(6) provides that an amount of the taxpayer's gross rental activity income, for the tax year from an item of property, is treated as not from a passive activity if the property is rented for use in a trade or business activity (within the meaning of Temp.
DETROIT, March 17 /PRNewswire/ -- The Detroit Area Business Activity Index (DABAI) compiled by Comerica Bank climbed five points in February to 158 -- its highest point since December 1988.
The latest iBOLT release focuses on expanding functionality for enhanced business process management (BPM), development, execution and testing, and business activity monitoring (BAM).
Global Banking News-July 15, 2015--Goldman Sachs India sees improving business activity
THE Purchasing Managers' Index for Wales report for April shows there was continued growth of private sector business activity.
The acquiring corporation itself does not necessarily have to have an active business; any EAG member's business activity in that country counts.
September, 2005 business activity was up solidly from June, 2005," reports the index, the Index.
An MSB is any business that offers money orders, traveler's checks, stored value, check cashing or currency dealing; conducts more than $1,000 in money services business activity with the same person, in one type of activity, on the same day; or provides money transfer services in any amount.
Business activity continued to expand, although varying in intensity by region, across the country.
It is imperative that financial executives understand not just their cost structure but also their "cost elasticity"--that is, how flexible your cost structure is to business activity changes.
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