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a disparaging term for an unsophisticated person


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a Confederate guerrilla during the American Civil War

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(For unfamiliar readers, Loving conveniently includes the full essay in the book.) In stark contrast to Grant's glorious, Union-saving achievements, Twain essentially poked fun at how his ragtag band of Missouri bushwhackers had developed a unique talent for shirking duty and retreating all while lampooning the war itself.
Bushwhacker Cider, which recently opened a second location in Portland, is another concept based around premium ciders and the cuisine that pairs well with them.
This extraordinary film about the guerilla warfare waged in Missouri and Kansas between Confederate "bushwhackers" and Union "jayhawkers" during the 1860s combines the best attributes of Spielberg's and Tarantino's efforts while avoiding the worst.
In early 1865, bushwhacker Jim Jackson carried out a series of killings of black persons.
Though some mountain men joined bushwhacker and tory bands, most absentee soldiers seemed to have considered loyalty to family paramount to their conditional loyalty to the Confederacy.
The Bushwhacker ($50) is rugged yet lightweight (4.4 oz.) and basic without sacrificing any necessities.
The Reconstruction of Mark Twain: How a Confederate Bushwhacker Became the Lincoln of our Literature.
The reconstruction of Mark Twain; how a Confederate bushwhacker became the Lincoln of our literature.
Both horses are owned by Mrs Fitri Hay and both had to work hard for their victories, Tinkertown getting home by three-parts of a length from Male Model and Doc Hay having just a nose to spare over Bushwhacker. Spencer was found guilty of careless riding on Tinkertown and suspended for one day (Oct 25).
TODAY'S SARABAND SELECTIONS BATH: 2.10 Whodathought, 2.40 Royalorien, 3.10 Bonheurs Art, 3.40 Bushwhacker, 4.10 Isobar, 4.40 Baoli, 5.10 Zelos Diktator.
In the October 17 issue of the Klan Kourier, the headline for the lead story on the weekly's front page read, "White Appears in Sorry Role in Race for Governor." The story carried the deckhead, "Editor Reckless of Truth." Other front-page stories that week in the Kourier: "Kansas Citizen Says White Is Bushwhacker," "Religion Football for Jests of Editor White," "White Froths in Predicting What He'll Do," and "White Changes Stand Any Time to Make It Fit."
For fancier fare, dine at Dupuis in Sequim, the Bushwhacker or Bella Italia in Port Angeles, or Plaza Jalisco in Forks.
Hildebrand: The Renowned Missouri Bushwhacker, deftly edited by journalist and historian Kirby Ross offers an insightful look into the conflicted life of the Civil War guerrilla fighter Samuel S.
From Gulph Hollow on Peekamoose Road near Bear Hole Brook, a bushwhacker can trace a course over high ridges and into remote valleys more than 26 miles north to the Village of Phoenicia.