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active grey titmice of western North America

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I marvel how a winter flock of my favorite bushtits can fly away simultaneously.
The energetic significance of huddling behavior in common Bushtits (Psaltriparus minimus).
And wild lilac (Ceanothus) invites mockingbirds, thrashers, bushtits, and finches to nibble on its berries and to seek shelter among its leaves.
making coffee, showering, working her crossword puzzle and putting out sunflower seeds for the squirrels, sugar water for the hummingbirds and suet for the bushtits flittering at the feeder outside her dining-room window on Floral Hill Drive.
Values for other species of similar size, such as the Bushtit Psaltriparus minimus (283 s/m, Chaplin 1982) and the Black-rumped Waxbill Estrilda troglodytes (210 s/m, Weathers and Nagy 1984), are 30-80% higher than our values.