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active grey titmice of western North America

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and one instance of a cuckoo repeatedly eliciting alarm calls from a flock of Bushtits (Psaltriparus minimus; GSG, pers.
Bushtits occur in a variety of open woodland and shrub habitats (Sloane 2001), hence it is surprising they were not detected in 1980; perhaps they require a shrub understory (Sloane 2001), which was sufficiently developed only in the light-impact area in 2008.
Bushtits, those tiny eager verbs, stitched a long hirsute Nest among hanging fronds with such astounding skill That you would think it just detritus if you saw it at all.
Between here and there, the bushtits are diligent from buddleia to the fennel, cleaning up the boughs.
I marvel how a winter flock of my favorite bushtits can fly away simultaneously.
And wild lilac (Ceanothus) invites mockingbirds, thrashers, bushtits, and finches to nibble on its berries and to seek shelter among its leaves.