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Synonyms for bushy

Synonyms for bushy

used of hair

resembling a bush in being thickly branched and spreading

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Pinch out the growing tips of wallflowers to promote bushiness.
When the plants are 20cm tall, pinch out the tips to promote bushiness.
As you would expect of prairie plants, the three-H's all prefer full-sun situations and deep, rich soil, and are best pinched and staked to improve their bushiness and increase the displays of bloom.
It is also worth pinching out the young growth to encourage bushiness.
When they reach 6 inches, pinch back tops to maintain bushiness.
4) It is only because of the widely held notion that the modern world is the inevitable outcome of a natural progressive drive that the bushiness of our family tree and the small physical and mental stature of one of our evolutionary cousins come as a surprise at all.
Winners will be judged on length, bushiness and scruffiest categories, as well as "best in show," Williams said.
Alongside a bony-headed, loose-lipped camel, a goat stands to attention, the shine of its wiry bushiness painted with patient genius, lock by tawny lock.
crispus as well as the bushiness and morphology of constituent thalli are important ecophysiological variables in the population dynamics of C.
We consider this greater local bushiness indicative of being a finer approximation of Euclidean n-space.
One thinks immediately, say, of Count Claudio Volpe, Italian art historian and kingpin of a worldwide cocaine cartel, who stands almost seven feet tall and "looked a lot like Gabby Hayes, except that his hair, nearly knee length, acquired by asstime a tail-of-Trigger bushiness, and had the consistency of thin yellow-white straw" (49).
The only snag is that it too changes character when it flowers and stops the production of the handsome leaves, the bushiness disappears as the stems elongate to hold the flower umbels high leaving a gap in the garden design.
Natural selection explains the differential depth and bushiness of these lineages.
Lack of boron causes a variety of slow, irregular growth habits such as dwarfing and bushiness because the growing plant tips die, which encourages lower leaves to sprout.
When they reach around 20cm high, pinch out the growing tips to encourage bushiness.