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Synonyms for bushy

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Synonyms for bushy

used of hair

resembling a bush in being thickly branched and spreading

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Her paintings from the 1970s through 1980s are known for their opaque quality and, when in color, for the bushiness of the buttery movements of the paint.
The results showed that Azucena rice had deeper roots than its irrigated cousin IR64 and that the two root systems were significantly different in terms of their "bushiness," how their root volume was distributed, and the vertical position of the center mass of the root system.
Tips should be pinched out when they are around 20cm (8in) tall to promote bushiness and stop the plants becoming top heavy.
Toray will continue the development on its own to maximize the potential of the drug in the hepatic disease area, where the company shows proven bushiness performance.
Pinch out strongest existing non-flowering shoots to encourage bushiness next year.
The 200-plus gathering also took part in a live electronic poll looking at what the main barriers were to bushiness in taking on young people.
There were also (probably) hundreds of hair-loss remedy adverts, promising to take men back to their former glory days of mane-headed bushiness.
From an initial calculation of growth as change in elodea length, they developed a three-pronged "bushiness" index.
Pinch out the growing tips of wallflowers to promote bushiness.
When the plants are 20cm tall, pinch out the tips to promote bushiness. If you want lots of small chillis, pinch out the sideshoots again later on.
As you would expect of prairie plants, the three-H's all prefer full-sun situations and deep, rich soil, and are best pinched and staked to improve their bushiness and increase the displays of bloom.
It is also worth pinching out the young growth to encourage bushiness.
When they reach 6 inches, pinch back tops to maintain bushiness.
(4) It is only because of the widely held notion that the modern world is the inevitable outcome of a natural progressive drive that the bushiness of our family tree and the small physical and mental stature of one of our evolutionary cousins come as a surprise at all.