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Synonyms for bushy

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Synonyms for bushy

used of hair

resembling a bush in being thickly branched and spreading

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Three to 6 months later, the experimental periwinkles were bushier than control plants.
"The chances are it was simply a case of the pot being too small - the shops put a lot of plants into one pot to make them look bushier and more attractive.
Dahlia AYOU can trim it as soon as it finishes flowering to encourage it to produce bushier fresh shoots.
| THE RHS Chelsea Flower Show starts next week and in the garden this serves as a reminder to do The Chelsea Chop - cutting back perennials in their stride to make them bushier.
NONAGRAM: bier; bile; blip; bluish; bruise; bushier; busier; heir; hire; hubris; isle; lieu; lisp; lisper; peri; peril; perish; pier; pile; pish; prise; pubis; publish; PUBLISHER; pushier; relish; riel; rile; ripe; rise; ship; shire; sire; slip; spiel; spile; spire; uprise.
LOOKS like the real thing, just a bit bushier. A bit dinky at just five-feetbut it is quality and should last for years.
They grow more densely than leaves on the standard jade plant, giving a bushier effect.
Pruned Adrienne Wild plants become bushier with more blooms and should not need staking.
| PINCH out seedlings of annuals such as cosmos and zinnia to form bushier, stronger plants.
When the plants are about 10cm high, pinch out the tips, this helps to make a stronger bushier plant.
If you nip out the top of the main shoot just above the third set of leaves - either using your nails or with a sharp pair of scissors - this should persuade the plants to make side growth and they should become much bushier by the time you come to plant them out.
They can grow to more than 6ft (1.8m) tall or you can grow smaller, bushier varieties.
Or keep old plants compact and bushier by pinching or pruning back branch tips.
PINCH out the seedlings of annuals such as cosmos and zinnia to form bushier and stronger plants.