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Synonyms for bushel

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Synonyms for bushel

a United States dry measure equal to 4 pecks or 2152

a British imperial capacity measure (liquid or dry) equal to 4 pecks

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References in classic literature ?
Who will buy skins?' he cried again, and to all who asked him what they cost, he answered, 'A bushel of money.'
I will give you a bushel of money, and will bury your grandmother as if she were my own; only don't tell about it, or I shall have my head cut off, and that would be very uncomfortable.'
So Little Klaus got a bushel of money, and the host buried his grandmother as if she had been his own.
Now when Little Klaus again reached home with so much money he sent his boy to Big Klaus to borrow his bushel measure.
A grain merchant buys 9,000 bushels of cash wheat for a price of $3.50 per bushel and properly hedges at $3.70 per bushel with two July wheat futures contracts (5,000 bushels each).
Demand for corn will exceed production this year by nearly one billion bushels, according to research by Doane Advisory Services, which also forecasts that an increase in future demand for ethanol will result in a shift from soybeans to corn.
Corn production has been growing by 1.7 bushels per acre per year for 30 to 40 years, says Achim Dobermann, a professor of soil science and nutrient management at the University of Nebraska.
You could also expect about the same 30 bushels with barley, which weighs slightly less.
Book Bushels are handpicked personalized libraries wrapped up by the West Coast's storybook experts.
During the 1974-1978 period it took roughly three bushels of wheat to buy a barrel of oil.
According to AP, the plant is expected to process nearly 19 million bushels of corn -- potentially increasing the price by 3.5 to 5.5 cents per bushel in some areas -- into 50 million gallons of ethanol a year.
Over the three year trial period, relay intercropped wheat averaged 67.1 bushels per acre versus 75.6 bushels per acre for wheat alone.
farmers harvested 1.62 billion bushels of wheat in 2002, down 17% from 2001.
The apple trees growing in the limestone-rich Shenandoah Valley of Virginia are known for their quality and quantity, but this year farmers harvested 7 million bushels compared to the usual 10 million bushels of recent years.
US winter wheat production was forecast at 1.18 billion bushels, down 60 million bushels from the USDA's previous estimate.