bushel basket

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a basket large enough to hold a bushel

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Thomas Jefferson Jefferson Appleby; her story-telling gun-toting Uncle Billy; the blubbering cousin Bernice who peels potatoes by the bushel basket while lamenting the loss of her husband Pierre a French master chef kidnapped to work in a gangster's roadside gambling house eventually the site of a pitched battle between the Appleby's forces of good and the double-dealing on-site demons.
That bushel basket question is, "Are there any ongoing tensions affecting the family?"
On the top of the flat rock base, a frame of willow branches is tied up using cotton twine, like a rounded stick igloo, abut the size of a bushel basket. These form the ribs of the oven, a natural representation of the ribs taken from Adam and surrounded by clay to form Eve.
As much as I admire the engineering of the FN, for the cost of a 5.7 you could have a Kel-Tec, a bushel basket full of magazines and a five-gallon bucket of ammo.
"let me shove my propane torch under your bushel basket."
He neglected to mention there ain't one of those 2 billion people who wouldn't trade their locust dinner for a lamb chop, or a bushel basket of bugs for an eight-ounce Kansas City strip steak.
it's easy to picture him crashing back down like a bushel basket
In our experience, nothing beats a bushel basket made of poplar wood for a sturdy hamper.
The church has hidden the light of Christ under a bushel basket. I am reminded of the parable of the Good Samaritan, where a priest and a Levite both passed by the man in the ditch.
"I really don't want to hide it under a bushel basket. This video is trying to give you more information about us."
Then along came third-party reimbursement for prescriptions, with relatively low average ticket claims by the bushel basket. Processing large numbers of low-dollar claims demanded technological solutions.
Social HMOs have been hidden under a bushel basket in away, but I think now they will become more visible.
Cognizant, as few were at the time, of the amplitude and excellence of African American culture, he was troubled that it would constantly remain a light hid under a bushel basket.
We ACEI folk are very good about hiding our ACEI involvement under a bushel basket and keeping it to ourselves.