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antelope with white markings like a harness and twisted horns

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I knew I would have the opportunity to hunt a bushbuck on the Limpopo River in a completely free-ranging experience.
With just two and a half days left on this safari, I would attempt to do what no bow-hunter with Sediba Nkwe Hunting Safaris had ever done--take an elusive bushbuck via spot-and-stalk tactics.
Researchers from Cardiff University have traced the evolutionary history of the African bushbuck. They have done so to test whether DNA similarities between animals living in different habitats can reveal any similarities between those areas now and in the past.
The bushbuck, right, is a common species living in sub-Saharan Africa.
Here too are bushbucks, duiker, waterbucks, the royal python, giant forest snails, and several unique species of ants and termites.
And the wildlife, all alive and thriving -- Barbary Macaques, African Bushbucks, Dorcas Gazelles and slumbering parrotfish.
After sneaking past a cow Cape buffalo with a newborn calf, then slithering around a nervous pod of impala and waiting for a handful of bushbucks to leave, I managed to get within 53 yards of the biggest kudu.
Substantial overlap exists between Chobe and Limpopo bushbucks, for example, and bushbucks killed in the same location are entered in both categories in the SCI record book.
Several days after arriving, an old bushbuck stood one second too long.
We were after a Cape bushbuck that afternoon when we hit the road for a 75-minute drive southeast to a ranch near Alexandria in beautiful, lush, steeply rolling hills a few miles from the Indian Ocean.