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antelope with white markings like a harness and twisted horns

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With just two and a half days left on this safari, I would attempt to do what no bow-hunter with Sediba Nkwe Hunting Safaris had ever done--take an elusive bushbuck via spot-and-stalk tactics.
The arrow smacked the bushbuck hard, but because of the thickness of the bush I couldn't see exactly where it hit.
Researchers from Cardiff University have traced the evolutionary history of the African bushbuck.
The bushbuck, right, is a common species living in sub-Saharan Africa.
And the wildlife, all alive and thriving -- Barbary Macaques, African Bushbucks, Dorcas Gazelles and slumbering parrotfish.
After sneaking past a cow Cape buffalo with a newborn calf, then slithering around a nervous pod of impala and waiting for a handful of bushbucks to leave, I managed to get within 53 yards of the biggest kudu.
He killed a wildebeest at 42 yards, a blesbok at 53 yards, impala at 25 yards, a reedbuck at 30 yards, and a bushbuck at 49 yards.
Although shy and reclusive, bushbucks are well suited to stalking in their preferred habitat.