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agile long-tailed nocturnal African lemur with dense woolly fur and large eyes and ears

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Table 16-2 Vegetable Varieties, Families, and Characteristics (1) Common Plant name Variety (2) family (3) Warm season vegetables Bush, beans Snap: Bush Blue Lake, Leguminosae Contender, Roma, (Pea) Harvester, Provider, Cherokee Wax, BushBaby, Tendercrop.
A Small Business of the Year Award was presented to bushbaby, a gourmet coffeehouse and cafe in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, famous for Millie's Iced Tea (a family recipe), exotic wrap sandwiches and vegan selections.
Bushbaby Travel specialises in holidays for families to South Africa and Mauritius.
In one case, a chimpanzee actually impaled a bushbaby on a stick and extracted it from a tree.
In 2004, MoMA acquired Johns's painting Bushbaby (2003).
A man leaves a long relationship like a bushbaby blinking in the harsh light of day.
Toyota's Aygo - pronounced I go - is the cutest thing on four wheels, with bushbaby headlamps, a curvaceous rear and dynamic styling.
The winteria may look like a cute underwater bushbaby with its two tubular eyes, but they are designed to look up at the surface and spot the silhouettes of unsuspecting prey.
In 2001 Dr Heywood Floyd (William Sylvester) orders a bushbaby toy from Macy's for his young daughter (Vivian Kubrick--Stanley Kubrick's daughter); this is never delivered within the context of the film.
With TV screens in the middle of their Day-Glo stretchy suits and fuzzy antennae quivering above alien bushbaby faces, the stars of the BBC's hit show for toddlers could be direct descendants of the artist's eighties subway images--TV Head meets the Radiant Baby, high-tech lies down their navels.
Tells story about one of his relatives bringing a bushbaby home one day from sea.
The new award winning Bushbaby cocoon front carrier has a height adjustable back drawing the weight of your baby away from the shoulders to the waist.