bush willow

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small South African tree having creamy yellow fragrant flowers usually growing on stream banks

small deciduous tree of the Transvaal having spikes of yellow flowers

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Researchers were first alerted to the medicinal potential of the bush willow by a study into natural medicines used by traditional healers.
The extract from an African bush willow, Combretum caffrum which has been used for centuries by African herbalists to heal the sick and by Zulu warriors to ward off enemies, is the base for a new drug that might well deliver the killer blow to the Big C.
The first trials of the Combretastatin A4 drug - derived from the African Bush Willow, have shown that it does cut blood supplies - starving tumours of oxygen and causing them to die.
Sabi Sabi is mostly silvery trees like bush willows and green, grey and ochre shrub.
Stem colour Plants grown for their colourful stems - such as dogwoods, rubus and some bush willows - will produce more intense colours if the stems are cut back hard now.