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a loose fitting jacket

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Sporting his trademark Gandhi cap proclaiming that "I am an m admi', Kejriwal wore a blue pullover over bush shirt and trousers discarding the traditional 'kurta-pyjama' of politicians.
No matter, acquittal being on a frivolous doubt on whether " a shirt and a bush shirt" was used for strangulation.
Bush rally and a Bush shirt to a John Kerry rally - and see what happens.
Later the same day, Prather entered a Kerry rally in Wheeling, W.Va., wearing a Bush shirt. Nobody said or did a thing.
Mary Hart bought one and said she would take off her Bo Hart Cardinals Jersey and put the Bench Bush shirt on when she got to the game.
The industry mostly produces cotton and cotton blended skirts, T-shirts, bush shirts, children's suits school uniforms, shirts, blouses and maxies.
T-shirts, bush shirts, coats, pants, maxies, half pants, skirts, blouses, children suits, outer and underwear garments.
Women can choose from drawstring pants, long, medium and short length kurtas in different sleeve lengths and neck styles such as slits and Chinese collars, while men can pick from classic comfort fit kurtas in varying lengths along with shirts and bush shirts. Besides these, kurtas for kids are also on offer.