bush poppy

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evergreen shrub of southwestern United States and Mexico often cultivated for its fragrant golden yellow flowers

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March brings brittlebush, lupine, sun cups, wild snapdragon, California poppy, bush poppy, pearly everlasting, monkey flower, shooting stars, phacelia, rockrose, and blue dicks.
Flowers aside, the island bush poppy would hold its own in any garden on account of two highly prized horticultural qualities: smooth blue leaves and a natural symmetry that is not only decorous but minimizes the need for pruning.
Photo: From March until frosts, 2 1/2-inch golden flowers shimmer at tips of island bush poppy on this never-watered slope in Berkeley
Island bush poppy (Dendromecon harfordii) is native to Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa islands off the coast of Southern California.
The island bush poppy (Dendromecon rigida) is a shrub with arching branches that, right now, are bent under the weight of hundreds of sulphur-colored flowers.
One plant that is a source of pride to any California gardener is Dendromecon rigida, the bush poppy.