bush league

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a league of teams that do not belong to a major league (especially baseball)

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The book closes with a blistering attack on President Bush, entitled: "The Anti-Science President: Bush League Science." Then follows seventy pages of detailed notes.
The Bush League started this war to take control of Iraqi oil for Texas oilmen.
Goodman is senior fellow at the Center for International Policy and co-author of the forthcoming Bush League Diplomacy: How the Neoconservatives are Putting the World at Risk (Prometheus Books, March 2004).
Singing to a Sunday afternoon crowd at the comparatively modest Palacio must have struck him as somewhat bush league, but to Vargas, who grew up in Mexico City with nine brothers and sisters, the opportunity was not about money, but giving something back to "mi tierra." "To me, this is an obligation.
McAuliffe is a Democratic all-star, but this kind of tactic is really, if you'll excuse the expression, bush league.
Democrats trying to survive in the Bush League, he said he's "seen happier people in the back of Jack Kevorkian's van."
Third world bush league contingents are deployed and we watch as another disaster unfolds and civilians and soldiers continue to die.
The Post surveyed a host of frozen desert shop operators and found five big reasons why Washington is "a bush league ice cream town," as one shop owner told Post reporter Marc Fisher.
What he did, faking injury, was bush league. And it's my option if I want to shake the guy's hand or not.'
When the Academy of Canadian Cinema was launched in 1980 it was in reaction to the Canadian Film Awards, which were notoriously inconsistent and perceived as bush league. The tax-shelter producers wanted glitz and glamour for their dreadful films.
As host of the "Bush League" morning program on Z104 radio in Washington, D.C., Billy and his sidekick Janet Elliott were on the air live as she went through labor and delivery of a baby boy last September.