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a loose fitting jacket

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Wearing the bush jacket, safari hat and thick mustache of our 26th president, Lake Washington High School history teacher Don Harney brings the feel of the campaign trail to classrooms in his district, the Seattle Times reports.
Wearing a grey bush jacket outfit, his trademark attire that he frequently donned during the 22 years he was at the helm for the first time from 1981 to 2003, Dr Mahathir seemed at ease and in good spirits.
YOUR relationship planet, Venus, takes off her bush jacket and gets into something a little tweedier as she starts to move in on your working life.
Style: unconventional but not eccentric -likes to stand out from the crowd but definitely not a fashion victim What he's wearing now: washednubuck bush jacket in sage green (pounds 850) and khaki T-shirt (pounds 40) not only fit Richard like a glove but the colour works well with his complexion, eyes and hair.
IF life is an adventure do you have your bush jacket and hat ready or are you still thinking about it while the real excitement passes you by?
GET your bush jacket out the back of the cupboard and rescue your mosquito ointment from the bin.
"I sat there with a calculator and a piece of paper and eventually bought a crate of shirts for PS30 and 300 bush jackets for PS50.
With temperatures soaring to 98F (36C), soldiers were ordered to try out different models of vest under their bush jackets and rate them to get to the bottom of the vexing question: whether string vests had any 'definite advantage' as a summer garment.
For four weeks in July and August, as temperatures fluctuated between 84 and 98F (29 and 37C), 24 men from the 1st Battalion of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment were made to wear three different types of vest under their bush jackets.