bush jacket

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a loose fitting jacket

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IF life is an adventure do you have your bush jacket and hat ready or are you still thinking about it while the real excitement passes you by?
The anti-imperialist rhetoric was gone, along with his trademark bush jacket.
GET your bush jacket out the back of the cupboard and rescue your mosquito ointment from the bin.
The CBS anchorman says his bag contains at least: ``Two suits, three dress shirts, half a dozen neckties, two work shirts, a bush jacket, blue jeans, waders, a sweater, a windbreaker, thermal underwear, unthermal underwear, a poncho, a parka, a trench coat, a tuxedo, gloves, lace-up boots, sneakers and dress shoes.
With temperatures soaring to 98F (36C), soldiers were ordered to try out different models of vest under their bush jackets and rate them to get to the bottom of the vexing question: whether string vests had any 'definite advantage' as a summer garment.
For four weeks in July and August, as temperatures fluctuated between 84 and 98F (29 and 37C), 24 men from the 1st Battalion of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment were made to wear three different types of vest under their bush jackets.