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a bean plant whose bushy growth needs no supports

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Cultivating this bush bean is easy: Just plant the seeds in rows, about a foot apart in all directions.
Others say that new varieties of bush beans have caught up to and even surpassed pole beans in taste.
Yard long bean and bush bean were harvested in February 10, 2015 whilst winged bean was harvested in March 10, 2015.
-- Bush's Homestyle Chili is being sampled at 30 Lowe's Foods stores in the Charlotte Metro-area.-- Sixty radio spots will run on the local MRN (NASCAR Race broadcast) affiliate in Charlotte, featuring testimonials from Bush Bean's sponsored drivers Marcos Ambrose and Jon Wood.
This technique works best with quick-growing vegetables, such as lettuce, arugula, radishes, and bush beans, which can be planted every few weeks.
In Rwanda, about 100 climber and bush bean lines are currently in advanced line validation trials to identify agronomically competitive varieties.
Bush bean and winged bean are traditional vegetables cultivated in marginal land but both crops can easily be fit in an upland rice crop rotation system.
I'm looking for a company or individual that sells giant stringless heirloom bush bean seeds.
A cropping sequence including rice after winged bean, rice after bush bean, rice after corn, and rice after fallow with varying rates of nitrogen (N) fertilizer were carried out to investigate the effects of legume residues and N fertilizer to clarify dynamics of soil N supply, N utilization in soil-plant system and grain yield of rice.
Peter Henderson introduced Bountiful in 1898, after a $25 prize was offered for the best name for the New Green Bush Bean No.
These are more like the spacings indicated by a recent study: Crop Plant Row spacing spacing Radish_ Globe 4" 4" Rat-tail (podding) 3" 3" China rose 6" 6" Round black Spanish/ Mun- chen/Bier 7" 7" Chinese long 5" 9" White icicle 3" 6" Daikon (Miyashige) 6" 10" Bean and pea Pole bean; peas; cowpeas 2" 12" Chickpeas (garbanzo) 6" 12" Bush bean 2" 18" Tomatoes; indeterminate Main crop (full size) 10" 18" Italian/ egg/ Roma 14" 18" Currant 10" 14" Cherry 12" 18" Grape 12" 16"
'Roma Improved' Italian bush bean Richer flavor than 'Blue Lake', with a meaty texture that makes them perfect in soup and wonderful steamed.
Giving leaves to the goats in the winter is a great idea, and bush bean plants can also be gathered in bunches, secured with a rubber band, and hung upside down to dry.
* Use bush beans as a cover crop in warm summer weather.