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a restaurant attendant who sets tables and assists waiters and clears away dirty dishes

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The man had claimed Spacey first got him drunk and then reached into his pants to grope him at a Club in July 2016 where he worked as a busboy. He was 18 at the time.
His accuser says Spacey groped him in the crowded bar of the Club Car, where the teenager was a busboy.
For decades, each time Romero saw black-and-white news photos of himself -- a baby-faced busboy gently cradling Kennedy as he lay sprawled on the hotel's concrete kitchen floor -- he would wonder what more he should have done to save Kennedy.
Product lines include North River Towels; WorkPac All-Purpose Towels; Tuff-Job Scrim Reinforced; Presto-Wipes Airlaid Towels; DRC Towels; Like-Rags Spunlace; Hyworx Heavy Duty Nonwoven Towels; Privilege Linen Replacement Airlaid Napkins & Guest Hand Towels; Privilege Moka DRC Napkins & Guest Hand Towels; Busboy & Busboy Select Foodservice Towels; Dusterz Anti-Static Dusting Cloths; Monk Disinfectant Wet Wipes; and Tuff-Job Hand Cleaning Wet Towels.
To better fit into the American culture he encounters, Anders decides to go by the nickname Andy as a way to more effectively integrate himself into the community as he begins work as a busboy in an established local restaurant.
A few days later, the cops got a call from a local restaurant manager who said his busboy, Ronald Cotton, resembled the composite of the suspect.
The Quebec Human Rights Tribunal told the co-owner, a waitress and a busboy to pay up after claiming they had trouble with black gangs.
Even Kennedy's last act resonated with Latino Americans, Bender noted: Leaving through the Ambassador's kitchen, Kennedy was reaching out to shake the hand of a Mexican-American busboy when Sirhan Sirhan fired the fatal shots.
An incident in a restaurant with Mia's imperious grandmother has led to the firing of a busboy and a consequent citywide hotel, restaurant and porters union strike, incited by Mia's best friend Lilly.
My dining partner struggled to open the packet for some time, then handed it to me saying, "Here, you're the packaging expert." I couldn't open it and called over a young busboy--delighted that my limited Spanish could stretch to saying, "No puedo l'abierto" ("I can't open it.") It turned out that the busboy couldn't open it either, and he summoned a waiter.
SM: That's the backbone of this whole program: having managers more active in what the entire establishment is doing, from the busboy all the way to the person receiving bills and writing things down.
"They get one day a week off and all they can eat." When the busboy has caught up with his work hustling dishes, Coffey motions him over to our table.
The author's meditations on and examination of the phenomenon of "blackness"--from her treatise on the black male, "A Black Man Says Sorbet," expansive enough to consider commuter train shooter Colin Ferguson and artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, as well as "undercover busboy" lawyer Lawrence Graham, to "The World According to Jet Magazine"--dovetail perfectly with my own preoccupation with the subject.
Before he became famous, the star worked as a shirtless busboy at Manhattan nightclub Studio 54 and witnessed couples indulging in wild sex and drugs romps.
THE restaurant trade's loss is the acting world's gain - Gary Beadle ended up making his mark in EastEnders after being a failed busboy. He was hired on a day's trial, but didn't make the grade.