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a restaurant attendant who sets tables and assists waiters and clears away dirty dishes

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The company offers their Busboy color coded food service wiping systems that makes training much easier for the end user.
An incident in a restaurant with Mia's imperious grandmother has led to the firing of a busboy and a consequent citywide hotel, restaurant and porters union strike, incited by Mia's best friend Lilly.
The busboy alleged that the actress, now 21 but then 19, had been drinking at The Ivy, a restaurant popular with celebrities, before her black Mercedes-Benz convertible crashed into his van.
It turned out that the busboy couldn't open it either, and he summoned a waiter.
SM: That's the backbone of this whole program: having managers more active in what the entire establishment is doing, from the busboy all the way to the person receiving bills and writing things down.
Perhaps it's commonplace but the story of the dishwasher or busboy becoming a corporate leader or recognized entrepreneur was certainly stirring to these youngsters.
When the busboy has caught up with his work hustling dishes, Coffey motions him over to our table.
Before he became famous, the star worked as a shirtless busboy at Manhattan nightclub Studio 54 and witnessed couples indulging in wild sex and drugs romps.
THE restaurant trade's loss is the acting world's gain - Gary Beadle ended up making his mark in EastEnders after being a failed busboy.
Bill Corbett's Heckler is a solo show about an unnamed misfit with a spiritual calling--to fight the system by shouting it down (while still dealing, incidentally, with his busboy job at a Chinese restaurant, his demanding dog and his unrequited love for his hairdresser).
It stresses the importance of everyone from busboy to bus driver to professional or business person to change the world "right from where you are," Fr.
While Gail dealt with the cops, I sat on the curb and held my nose with a towel some kind busboy had tossed me.
The case of a Brooklyn busboy hacking his way into finding billionaire investor Warren Buffett's Social Security number and mother's maiden name illustrates that no one is safe from identity theft, insurers said.
Police say Abdallah, a busboy, used library computers to obtain credit records of such celebrities as Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, director Steven Spielberg and CNN founder Ted Turner.
In "A Romantic Atmosphere," as a haughty maitre d' attempted to instruct a haplessly inept busboy amid an array of trysting couples, all illusion of suave sophistication dissolved into frantic chaos.