bus topology

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the topology of a network whose components are connected by a busbar


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In bus topology, computers are connected to each other by a string of wires, the beginning and the end of this system is closed by 50 ohm resistor.
If we wish to use a bus topology, where the driver drives one end of the bus and the bus is terminated (either at the source or far end), we must keep the branch length short.
Hardware is available for star and bus topology Ethernet, as well as Fast Ethernet and fiber media, thus extending submetering's usefulness to any Ethernet medium.
Videodidact, unlike other hardware systems, uses a star topology, while other hardware systems use a bus topology.
The chip will also feature a new bus topology, and will be implemented in both 64-bit and 32-bit implementations, all backwards compatible.
A bus topology is suggested for shared databases but is not good for single-message switching.
Lehigh close a bus topology to increase system reliability> failures to individual nodes or subnetworks have minimal effect on the overall network.