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a place on a bus route where buses stop to discharge and take on passengers

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They said mostly bus stops in twin cities were in pathetic condition despite tall claims of officials concerned regarding beautification and renovation of all major roads, commercial areas and bus-stops.
Kent county council (kcc) is looking for a contractor to carry out an upgrade scheme across several bus stops in the tovil area of maidstone.
Laura Shoaf, managing director of Transport for West Midlands (TfWM), is reported as claiming that bus stops are too close, citing some as being as close as 130 metres apart.
Transport West Midlands shot itself in the foot, to my mind, by saying that they closed little-used bus stops to speed up the services.
The most common types of sexual harassment at bus stops include staring, stalking, obscene gestures, whistling, passing sexual comments and touching, says the study conducted by the Aurat Foundation in cooperation with the Punjab Women's Development Department and UN Women.
Abu Dhabi: Forced to brave the sweltering summer heat, bus commuters in Abu Dhabi are calling for more air-conditioned shelters, or at least shaded bus stops.
Confused commuters were left scratching their heads after a bus stop received an overnight makeover.
The new bus stops, which feature benches and a shelter overhead, cost approximately $8,000 and are typically completed within four weeks.
Commuters are facing problems in the federal capital due to absence of proper bus stops, particularly on Islamabad Highway.
For example, it can represent a bus transportation system if the majority of bus stops (nodes) have approximately the same number of connections and only a few vertices (connections between bus stops according to their bus lines) differ on a larger scale of the global average degree.
Motorists often park their cars in front of bus stops, such as this one on Airport Road, by completely ignoring traffic signs.
Making the routes of the buses flexible will not only reduce the wait time of passengers on the bus stops but also reduce the ride time of the passengers in the buses.
However, there was also a poster saying that a lot of buses are not calling at that stop due to the roadworks, and listing the bus stops they could use.
Dubai: Commuters using RTA buses say faulty or non-existent air-conditioning in bus stops have made travel in the extreme summer heat an ordeal.