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a place on a bus route where buses stop to discharge and take on passengers

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Leaflets, including walking maps to the alternative bus stops and route finders are available to customers at the bus station and customer information centre in the days leading up to its closure.
Public transport users have resented the practice of parking cars in front of bus stops, which they say is common across the city.
Commuters are facing serious problems in the federal capital due to absence of proper bus stops, particularly on Islamabad Highway.
For bus stops near intersections, buses should spend no more than 43, 47, and 67 seconds TBST (from exiting the stream of traffic to successfully reintegrating with it) during the morning, midday, and evening peak periods, respectively.
I WAS waiting at the bus stop opposite the Co-op in the city centre in the early afternoon, where there were about six elderly people waiting for local buses.
The trial began in February this year at two bus stops near Al Jafliya Metro station, as part of its efforts to explore alternative sources of energy to power more than 100 bus shelters that have no electricity.
The trial is funded by the Government's Smart Network, Smarter Choices initiative and solar power will be particularly useful in powering information boards at remote bus stops.
XPRESS found a number of bus stops around town without AC, with temperatures in some stops in the high 40s, well past mid-day and hours closer to sunset.
I use the No 8 to visit St Mary Street and used to travel to the bus stop at Wyndham Arcade, but that is now gone and I am told by customer service it was because there were too many buses stopping at that point.
Urban Solar's PV-Shelter, PV-Stop and PV-Signal product offerings exceed industry requirements for a clean, safe environment within bus stops, shelters and street furniture.
Centro have not even issued any honest publicity, but only ten years of misinformation instead, culminating in recent months in glossy leaflets misleadingly asserting there will be "temporary" changes to the bus stops.
The full timetables for bus stops can also be downloaded from the website.
This makes it easier to move, add or delete a stop based on how many students are within certain distances of the bus stops.
fewer than 10 percent of the estimated 50 bus stops had been cleared for passengers on Jan.
BUS stops across Bahrain will soon be completely revamped following complaints by MPs, municipal councillors and residents that they were unsafe and outdated.