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a terminal that serves bus passengers

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Operation was headed by Secretary Regional Transport Authority, Khalid Yameen Sati, police and Municipal Corporation Rawalpindi, City Police also took part in operation and removed the boards and hoardings of illegal bus stations.
It further added that the other increased scope of work in the project is complete redesigning of Amn Chowk BRT hub, Tehkal BRT elevated section, elevated rotaries (1 and 2) near Bus Station No 26, Elevated connection from Bus Station 26 to Hayatabad Terminal, Hayatabad Phase 3 feeder route connection to BRT, Grade feeder route connection near Bus Station 28, Tatara Park Elevation section, two bridges Hayatabad 1 and 2, Hayatabad end loop, Karkhano elevated section 2.2km, two elevated rotaries at Karkhano, additional bus station at Karkhano and feeder route connection to BRT at Karkhano.
Several passengers have complained Wednesday of the delays in bus arrivals as well as the long queues at ticketing booths at the Araneta Center bus station.
They said some transporters had parked their vehicles, especially cars and cabs, outside the bus stations to force the passenger to pay extra for a trip to Peshawar.
A spot check by the Star on Saturday revealed that passengers were being dropped in various holding points with the Kenya Bus service dropping passengers at the Bus Station.
CARDIFF councillors have given their approval to plans for the city's new bus station but there has been criticism it will be "too small for Cardiff 's future needs".
The criteria envisioned for placing a bus station in third category are almost identical with the existing minimal mandatory requirements for bus stations in the country, stated the Transport Ministry.
Members were given a presentation on bus stations and local communities, and asked for ideas on initiatives which could be developed.
MANY bus passengers are concerned about the delay in replacing Cardiff's central bus station, with some believing a new one will never be built, according to the head of Wales' offi-cial bus users' group.
Members say the bus stations are wasting space and argue that roadside bus stops are enough.
Corporation has planned to construct the satellite bus stations at all the four directions of the Bangalore city to ease the traffic congestion and provide more transport services to the periphery of the city.
ISLAMABAD, May 24 -- There is mushroom growth of illegal bus stations at Pirwadhai, Rawalpindi, while the general bus station is giving a deserted look.
Do people who design bus stations travel by bus or car?