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a terminal that serves bus passengers

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The spokesman said: "All bus station users were back inside in around ten minutes, and there were no reports that anyone missed their bus.
The bus station had its own training school on the top floor, and firstfloor offices where drivers and conductors paid in their takings at the end of a shift.
Bus station staff reported the suspicious bag left near the entrance and police told passengers to leave the building and surrounding area.
The bus station was reopened just ten minutes later but the exact circumstances behind the incident were not being revealed yesterday afternoon.
24 bus stations of metro bus project located in twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad have been handed over to different departments and institutions for their decoration as national heritage in a manner that colors of national culture are highlighted.
Anyone who wants to find out more about proposals for the bus station is welcome to call in at the council chamber in Prospect House any time between 2pm and 7pm on Friday, July 11.
Disposable cards are also available from the Karwa office at the main bus station.
The decision to increase service levels to the bus station rests with the operators.
The Bulgarian Ministry of Transport has announced that the executive agency "Automobile Administration" has established violation in half of the Bulgarian bus stations.
A single decker bus was in collision with a pedestrian, before colliding with a second bus and a shelter inside the bus station on Pipers Row at 10.
The scheme will see improvements including a new bus station and taxi rank layout, as well as improved access to and from the rail and bus station.
Mario Botta, the noted exponent of Ticino regionalism, was commissioned to design a new bus station in the heart of Lugano, a trim lakeside town in the Italian-speaking southern tip of the country.
Dumfries Whitesands:0920; Moffat High Street: 1000; Lanark Bus Stance: 1050; Hamilton Bus Station Platform 1: 1118; East Kilbride Bus Station Platform 8: 1130; Glasgow arrival: 1200
Transport bosses yesterday dismissed fears that a showcase pounds 7 million bus station is unsafe.