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a terminal that serves bus passengers

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A PETITION to halt any demolition and relocation of Middlesbrough Bus Station has gathered more than 5,000 backers.
The bus station had its own training school on the top floor, and firstfloor offices where drivers and conductors paid in their takings at the end of a shift.
Bus station staff reported the suspicious bag left near the entrance and police told passengers to leave the building and surrounding area.
The citizens said this bus station is located in Faisal Avenue interaction, therefore, it could be named as Faisal bus station but a private business concern was favored and the bus station was named after a private tower.
Online and paper petitions were launched this week demanding a revamp of Hexham Bus Station in Northumberland.
This will come as a major relief to families living in suburban areas of Mussafah as they will no longer have to travel to the Abu Dhabi central bus station in the city to board a bus for Dubai.
Majevida who visited the bus station on Monday said that it had come to attention that unlicensed vehicles were also using the grounds which is not allowed.
In the meantime there will be 14 bays where the old bus station had 34.
The 4x4 was spotted trapped on the raised curb of the pedestrian crossing outside Merthyr Tydfil bus station on Thursday morning.
In Reach-1 of the project, it said there are 8 Bus Stations out of which access to five stations have been provided through pedestrian bridges, while access to the remaining three stations is through pedestrian underpasses.
The family of Belen Lotero, 68, has been at the bus station since Tuesday night, waiting to purchase a bus ticket bound for Sorsogon province in the Bicol region.
Construction of central bus station Stanica Nivy in Bratislava continues.Extensive reconstruction of Mlynske Nivy Street in Bratislava and construction of a brand new central bus station, including an adjacent high rise office building, are progressing.
Bus station evacuated HUDDERSFIELD Bus Station was evacuated after two buses crashed.
'I have been visiting the Jinnah bus station since Sunday to travel to Peshawar, but did not find any vehicle at the station,' Jamal Khan, a resident of Sadiqabad, said.