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a public utility providing local transportation

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Pakistani passengers have demanded of Indian authorities to restore bus service as soon as possible.
Also, in the past, there has been a bus service on Green Lane, so people moving here would have no reason to believe it would be withdrawn.
The people of Dudley are also still campaigning for a bus service to the same hospital.
It will consider provision in this area as part of its local bus service review, which is due to be implemented in September.
Conservatives want improved bus services, but we disagree with using money taxpayers provided for health services to effectively subsidise Nexus and the Integrated Transport Authority, whose role it is to work with the city council and the bus companies to deliver better bus services for Newcastle residents.
Centro appears to be reviewing these standards with a view to lowering the distance from a resident's house to a bus service.
The agency will also continue to extend bus services as required by a 10-year federal consent decree set to expire this year.
The Green Party has run a volunteer bus service from Berry Brow to Huddersfield and on to the Royal Infirmary for more than a decade.
Fifty years after Rosa Parks sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott, poor people of color in the Bay Area are still fighting for a seat on the bus," added Sylvia Darensburg, an African American single mother of three in Oakland who, like many AC Transit riders, depends completely on the bus service for all her family's transportation needs.
The feeder bus service will connect the rest of the city with the corridor of the Metro Bus, Radio Pakistan Friday reported.
A spokesperson for the metro bus service said that service would be restored till 5pm in the evening.
East Gateshead - Bus service 68The 68, one of the most popular Nexus secured services in Tyne and Wear, offers many unique links in the East Gateshead area.
Some years later, Mrs Myers campaigned for safer crossing points and a bus service on Green Lane.
The council's local bus service contracts are due to finish at the end of March 2012 but, in order to comply with regulations covering the award of new contracts, the council must start the re-tendering process several months before.
Substantial progress'' means the group's effort to improve bus service for poor and minority riders - and therefore improve it for everyone - was a success.