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an organization responsible for operating a bus transportation system

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However, the bus line is not just for spa guests anyone can purchase the ticket.
the routes of bus lines a 76, 204, 304 and 604 are changed only in direction of "Orlov most" square, as follows: from "Bulgaria" Blvd, following the Vocational School of Textile and Fashion Design, , to the right on "Pencho Slaveykov" Blvd., on Bulgaria Blvd.
16, three shuttle bus lines will be operating from 9 a.m.
Next month, a program begins that gives bus riders all-day access to both RTA and JeT bus lines for $6 without having to purchase separate passes.
In a three-page order, the LTFRB slapped a 30-day preventive suspension order against the bus line after one of its southbound buses lost its brakes, rammed another passenger bus, and crashed into a waiting shed.
The adjustment schemes of bus line involve the adjustment of the bus line form and the corresponding headways.
(i) Bus lines share the same terminal, or the terminals of each bus line are very close to each other, so it can be considered that all lines share the same terminal.
The proposed bus line would be significantly slower than existing lines, he noted, but could improve Israeli residents' quality of life by significantly reducing harassment on buses and increasing personal safety.
Go To Travel Inc.; Twins Jiang Corp.; United Tours Inc.; Hu Mei Express Inc.; Tony Bus Line Inc.; Tony Bus Line Express Inc.; Coach 88 Inc.; Tony Bus Express Line Inc.
The 7-mile-long bus line could cost $75 million to $125 million in federal and state money.
Very highly recommended, The Essential Buyer's Guide: Volkswagen Bus by automotive experts Ken Cservenka and Richard Copping is an invaluable and profusely illustrated reference for any prospective buyer or collector of the Volkswagen Bus line of vehicles.
The Boston Globe recently reported that the city has launched a new electric transit bus line between South Station and the South Boston waterfront.
And that's just the way it is with Green Tortoise, a slightly eccentric bus line that has been taking people on adventure tours for 24 years.