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an organization responsible for operating a bus transportation system

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Police report said Regulacion and Belleza were among the passengers of Samar Bus Line, bearing plate No.
The proposed bus line would be significantly slower than existing lines, he noted, but could improve Israeli residents' quality of life by significantly reducing harassment on buses and increasing personal safety.
Federal officials announced on Thursday that they were shutting down 25 curbside intercity bus lines after an extensive investigation found evidence of deteriorating buses and unsafe drivers.
The 266 bus line starts from the first stop of the gondola in Simeonovo and again climbs up to the Aleko Resort.
The 7-mile-long bus line could cost $75 million to $125 million in federal and state money.
According to the paper, city transportation officials expect approximately 14,000 commuters will use the bus line daily by 2006, down from earlier estimates of 45,000 riders per day.
When Green Tortoise started in the early 70s, there were several alternative bus lines, like the Gray Rabbit and Gypsy Flyer, offering cross-country trips to members of the counter-culture.
BusJunction lets you see your ticket options without having to hunt through multiple bus line schedules.
Twice a year, the transportation agency evaluates its nearly 200 bus lines for efficiency and ridership and recommends service changes to its directors.
The tickets also carried a different company name, Heaven Blessed Bus Line Express Inc.
VAN NUYS -- Linda Guajardo often works late at Universal Studios and she counts on the MTA's 155 bus line to get home.
public transport of passengers by bus in accordance with established transport schemes, According to route schedules for four lots", For lot 1: - public transport of passengers by bus line byala slatina - vratsa - 07.
2009-0831) and directed the bus line to surrender the covered license plates within 15 days.
The $330 million bus line sees more riders each weekday than the 3-year-old Gold Line, a light-rail system between Pasadena and downtown that was built at more than double the cost.
The new bus line is the mid-size bus industry's only line of integrated buses - meaning that the chassis and body are built to work together for enhanced performance and durability.