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an organization responsible for operating a bus transportation system

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Line bus traffic on the MVV regional bus line 531: (Erding (S)) Klinikum Nord - New Cemetery (Therme) - Moss Innig - Eichenried - Ismaning (S).
Federal officials announced on Thursday that they were shutting down 25 curbside intercity bus lines after an extensive investigation found evidence of deteriorating buses and unsafe drivers.
The 266 bus line starts from the first stop of the gondola in Simeonovo and again climbs up to the Aleko Resort.
The 7-mile-long bus line could cost $75 million to $125 million in federal and state money.
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has two bus lines that serve the Media District and connect with the Red Line, which has stops in Universal City and North Hollywood.
So the man behind the stopping of the much needed and costly Orange Line bus line is a former highly paid consultant to the MTA.
By abandoning heavily used Van Nuys Boulevard - stops with connections to transferring bus lines such as Plummer, Chase, Saticoy, Oxnard and Kester - the MTA figures that riders can save up to two or three minutes' riding time.
The F-Market replaces the 8-Market trolley bus line, and will run seven days a week, approximately every 10 minutes from about 6:30 a.
2024 with an extension option of 1 year AVV-regional bus line 100: Mering - KE[micro]nigsbrunn;AVV-regional bus line 102: Augsburg Hochzoll - Mering;AVV-regional bus line 103: Mering - Friedberg;AVV-regional bus line 104: Mering - Mittelstetten;AVV-regional bus line 106: Mering - Steindorf;AVV-regional bus line 108: Mering - Schmiechen;Call-a-ride (AST) 103: Mering - Friedberg.
The announcement is tied to Canada Greyhound Lines' decision this week to study the development of an air service that would link its bus line to selected Canadian airports, forming a new, low-cost transportation system.
AVV-regional bus line 503: Augsburg-West home Hainhofen-Schlipsheim;- AVV-regional bus line 504: Streitheim-Horgau-Aystetten -NeusEnE-;- AVV-regional bus line 510: NeusEnE--Westheim-Hainhofen-Schlipsheim-Biburg;- AVV-regional bus line 601: Augsburg-Steppach-Lettenbach-Diedorf-Anhausen;- AVV-regional bus line 602: Diedorf-Hausen-Oggenhof-Willi Stockhausen Deubach-Gessertshausen;- AVV-regional bus line 610: Dinkelscherben top SchE[micro]neberg-Saulach-Ettelried-Anried;- AVV-regional bus line 611: Dinkelscherben-Fleinhausen stones Kirch Gabelbach / Gabelbachergreut;and AST operations - AST 620: P + R Augsburg West Steppach-Lettenbach-Diedorf-creping;- AST 503: Westheim-Hainhofen-Schlipsheim.
The MTA will hold a public hearing on proposed bus line changes at 6:30 p.
Regular services in the AVV-regional bus lines 511, 512, 640, AST 628, AST 642 (line bundle Wertach 02) from 01/01/2016 to 12/09/2017) - AVV-regional bus line 511: TEnfertingen-NeusEnE--Steppach-Diedorf;- AVV-regional bus line 512: Gersthofen Hirblingen-TEnfertingen-NeusEnE--Steppach / -Stadtbergen-Leitershofen;- AVV-regional bus line 640: Leitershofen City Bergen-Deuringen-Steppach-NeusEnE-;and AST operations - AST 628: Pfersee-Leitershofen;- AST 642: Bergen-Deuringen.
All this to build a bus line that parallels the existing bus line on Ventura Boulevard?
Very highly recommended, The Essential Buyer's Guide: Volkswagen Bus by automotive experts Ken Cservenka and Richard Copping is an invaluable and profusely illustrated reference for any prospective buyer or collector of the Volkswagen Bus line of vehicles.