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a traffic lane intended for buses only

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30, Garcia said, a total of 53,253 drivers violated the bus lane policy.
The more appeals the council get, the greater the chance they will look at a particular bus lane and why it's not working.
Newcastle City Council were forced to switch off one of the controversial bus lane cameras on John Dobson street after a Traffic Penalty Tribunal ruling found the signs for the northbound camera were not adequate.
Local traders in and around Eagle Street have been consulted and there was strong support for the bus lane removal.
BUS lanes with buses in them have some purpose; bus lanes without buses are completely pointless, and this is the problem with introducing more revenue traps for the motorist.
25 was collected by Middlesbrough Council in 2016 through 2,977 fines issued for driving in the town's only bus lane in Newport Road.
The additional bus lane and upgrades to existing bus lanes will allow buses to move through the traffic, reducing delays for people who use public transport.
But Cardiff council says that only two out of the six accidents involved cars crossing the bus lane.
The Irish Mirror spotted a number of impatient motorists sneaking into the bus lane on a 5km journey into Dublin, despite the Transport Minister insisting there would be no allowances.
The owners were sent warning letters but once the camera is in place full time, motorists caught driving in the bus lane will be issued with a PS70 penalty charge.
A council is scrapping a 300 metre (980ft) bus lane after just 21 days at a cost of PS60,000 because it was found to be tripling the length of commuter journeys.
The public voted in their numbers about the PS1m-plus spent on the Manchester Road bus lane but did the council listen?
WARNING signs on controversial bus lane cameras which have issued more than 80,000 fines to drivers might not be legal, the country's traffic watchdog has warned.
I FIND it incredible that bus lane cameras in Glasgow can rake in almost PS4million in fines in eight months while the roads around them are in such an appalling state.