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someone who drives a bus


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The bus driver had been working an average of 72 hours per week.
He will now be taking on bus drivers from across the UK in the Bus Driver of the Year finals.
A brief statement tweeted by The Embassy of Oman in Abu Dhabi announced that the Omani bus driver, Saeed Baloushi, who was jailed for the bus crash that killed 17 passengers in Dubai, was released on bail.
Developing effective professional bus driver health programs: An investigation of self-rated health.
Her mum Lisa works at the firm as a driver trainer, although she was not involved in teaching her daughter - and her dad Reg McGregor was also a bus driver.
The former law only provided that there can be no lettering on the front or rear of a school bus other than the words "SCHOOL BUS." The new law would allow school bus operators to display information that would permit the public to report a bus driver's misconduct.
The bus driver and other injured passengers were immediately shifted to a hospital.
He said the bus driver, later identified as Munir (25), suffered three bullet wounds while his nephew received a minor injury to his left ear.
An incident between the bus driver and the car driver occurred before the shooting, according to the police."After the incident, the car driver was said to cause damage to the side window located on the bus driver's side with an unknown object," said Bratislava police spokesperson Lucia Mihaliacutekovaacute, as quoted by the TASR newswire.
Jenkins, who is a bus driver for Lake Highlands Elementary School in Dallas, asked all the kids he drives what they wanted for Christmas and made sure to note them down.
The bus driver died on the spot in the accident while 35 passengers were injured.
He said initial investigations show the bus driver was to blame for the accident.
It aims at matching over 1,200 soldiers with bus driver jobs by the end of the year.
Regarding the correspondent who complained about "jerky" bus drivers. The bus driver who later wrote in gave a clear explanation what it is like driving automated vehicles.
A Lake Zurich man accused of pushing a school bus driver during an argument in front of Middle School South now is facing charges, officials said.