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someone who drives a bus


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She and Ritter, a Lane Transit District bus driver who used to drive buses for the school district, had planned an August wedding.
Told he would lose his job, the bus driver said: "I don't give a s***, I'm getting paid.
16 children and the school bus driver got slightly injured, while another 3 children and the 32-year-old truck driver were badly injured, who had been sent to hospital, a police spokeswoman said.
THREE bus drivers have been recognised for their ability to go the extra mile for their employer.
Subsequently, the ex- pilot's brother got out of the car and went up to the bus driver and objected to his driving style.
He told me the premises that Cardiff bus drivers were using as a canteen had been taken away from them and at this time bus drivers are spread all around the city in whatever cafes, coffee bars, and restaurants are available taken their food breaks.
Ramallah: Palestinian activists in occupied Jerusalem have said that an Israeli plan to recruit female Palestinian citizens of Israel and residents of occupied East Jerusalem to work as bus drivers is destined for failure.
BUS drivers wore Disney and cartoon character costumes to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation.
Winning Bus Driver of the Year was First Aberdeen Driver, Jonathan Welch.
58)," said Hisham Al-Wesabi, a bus driver operating out of the station at Bab Al-Yemen.
We have been Teamsters and united in our hearts all along, fighting together to win the official recognition that we deserve," said Missy Nowling-Driggers, a Durham school bus driver and member of Teamsters Local 991.
Brian Arnold, the Stagecoach North East bus driver who won the competition and features in the campaign's posters, said: "Bus drivers are not normally thought of as models, so it was a nice surprise to have the chance to be involved in a photoshoot - although it might be a bit surreal seeing myself around town
Therefore, I used to work as a school bus driver using my small bus to provide school transportation services to a number of customers in order to have another source of income to fulfill my needs.
Bus driver Ricky Wagoner got a second shot in life when he was saved by the most unexpected thing he can ever think of from two bullets: the Bible inside his pocket.
That same month the Christian Post reported that a popular Rutgers University campus bus driver claimed he was asked to resign for praying with riders.