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a public utility providing local transportation

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He queried the government's method of estimating set-up costs for the new arrangements, such as PS1.2m for creating a new council-owned bus company with 15 vehicles and a new depot.
Fernandez said they were the only bus company that 'volunteered' to participate in the government's dry run after the Quezon City trial court last week issued an injunction on the new EDSA traffic policy.
Some of the passengers who complained were later assaulted by the staff of the bus company in Ernakulam, after the bus company had sent an alternative bus to transport the passengers.
Green Frog Hybrid Bus Company announced on Facebook Wednesday that it will return to the conductor fare collection system after finding out that over 30-percent of its passengers did not pay its fare.
The LTFRB issued a preventive suspension on the bus company. This time, the agency ordered a preventive suspension against the bus company, grounding all the Metro Shuttle public utility buses (PUBs) for 30 days.
class="MsoNormalMr Chumo said the police are pursuing the matter with the bus company.
According to the bus company director, the bus ferried an estimated 100 students on the first day of the free rides which roughly translates to three buses.
Shuchi Bus Company is just the latest company from Laiyang to expand into overseas markets since the city in East China's Shandong province began its drive to further open up its economy.
Andrus Treier, CEO of bus company Lux Express, said that the plan of bus company GoBus to start operating the Tallinn-Tartu bus route may impact the company's price policy.
A FURIOUS mum has criticised a bus company after her daughter and other pupils were barred from the school bus.
According to Kikar Hashabbat, the bus company said the bus chaperone, not the driver, was the one who decided to let the child off.
They claim this should be done to "cut congestion" but I would not blame some of your more cynical readers if they saw this as a bid to increase bus company profits.
Every bus company in the West Midlands has joined the Alliance which is the first partnership of its kind in the UK.
Staff will work on the same routes and their jobs, wages and pensions will be protected by law - plus Nexus has said it will give further protections to staff - even if they have to change the bus company they work for.