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a public utility providing local transportation

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Florida Bus Company said its trips to Isabela and Cagayan at its Earnshaw, Sampaloc, bus terminal were booked solid and were not accepting further reservations, Radyo Inquirer 990AM reported Wednesday morning.
As a bus company operating on a commercial basis, without the aid of the state, we constantly analyze our price policy and shaping it according to the market situation.
This is a serious safeguarding issue and I believe it is against bus company policy to leave vulnerable people at a bus stop.
In a statement, the bus company said, "The Della transportation company is a professional company which abides by safety rules.
Towards the end of last year the Nicosia bus company also did not operate for several days after one of its shareholders, who felt his partners were treating him unfairly, used his buses to block a big bus terminal.
The problems seem to be with all the road works and building projects going on all around the city, the bus company is taking the flack for the council's schemes, which are causing long delays and so the buses cannot keep to their timetables.
WALKERS and commuters are unhappy bus fares have risen following the collapse of a Gwynedd bus company.
THE Arriva Bus Company has not consulted the people of East Cleveland about the bus route changes which, to say the least, area great inconvenience to every bus user in East Cleveland.
Province Cable Tours and Dagupan Bus Company, said LTFRB spokesperson, lawyer Maan Salada.
LAHORE -- Punjab University Syndicate on Saturday approval to lease 50 kanals of its land for a period of 30 years to a private bus company for establishing a multipurpose complex.
Cube is planned to buy 51% of the bus company, with Gimv taking the remainder.
SEVERAL bus routes linking Wirral and Liverpool have been lost after a bus company closed suddenly, with the loss of around 60 jobs.
The threat follows a High Court ruling in a battle between The Green Bus Company, which operates 32 routes in the region, and public transport body Centro.
LAST Saturday, at The Twyn, Caerphilly, was celebrated the establishment of the smallest bus company in Great Britain more than 90 years ago.
Red, Cream and a Touch of Gray tells the story of the Western Welsh bus company, which was based in Cardiff where it served most of the southern half of Wales for more than 40 years.