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a restaurant attendant who sets tables and assists waiters and clears away dirty dishes

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This is how Jack, the bus boy, reappears in Laurie's life, though neither Laurie nor Jack thinks the other remembers the bus encounter, and both pretend this is their first meeting.
Among others, it's Eppridge's haunting photo of a bus boy cradling a dying Kennedy that lives on with so many.
I was a brand new bus boy. It was indentured slavery but they didn't ask too many questions (like who are you), and if you hustled your butt the mostly European waiters would look after you.
When I was a bus boy, I put in 110 percent until I was noticed, and moved up to salads.
In the show, Drew is an aspiring rocker working as a bus boy in a Sunset Strip rock club while Sherrie (Mullen) is a hopeful actress just off the bus from Kansas who gets a job at the club as a waitress.
"Last summer I worked as a Bus Boy to support myself.
A bus boy is someone in a restaurant who removes all the dirty dishes from the dining room.
Beginning his career with Disney 38 years ago as a bus boy, George Kalogridis, has been named president of the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California.
My first actual job wa s as a bus boy in a restaurant but my first acting job was at summer stock in Austin, Texa s.
"I'd try out accents when I was working as a bus boy. I'd get bored and try saying 'Are you finished with this?' in a kind of Eastern European accent.
To answer this question, Ben asked the nearest native he could find, the bus boy, who said it was "about a kilometer." Like many U.S.
He later worked a number of jobs, from bus boy to logger, before launching into politics, a career path that would dominate the rest of his life.
I was a messenger, a bus boy, a singing waiter, a shoe salesman.
Jean Pinkley served at Mesa Verde as early as 1948 when I worked as a bus boy for the concessionaire.