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Synonyms for bus

the topology of a network whose components are connected by a busbar

a car that is old and unreliable

send or move around by bus

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ride in a bus

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remove used dishes from the table in restaurants

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Additionally, there are a growing number of real-time applications, such as video-on-demand and audio redistribution that require faster bus architectures.
Due to the inevitable compatibility issues typical of a new bus architecture, the SMC EtherPower adapter was extensively tested for compatibility with the broadest possible range of 486 and Pentium PCs, hubs and network operating systems in SMC's $1 million quality assurance lab in Irvine, Calif.
We are taking a phased approach to providing our market leading products in PCI Express form factor to ensure our customers flexibility in their choice of servers and server bus architecture.
Serial bus architectures also support a network of dedicated point-to-point device connections--versus the multi-drop architectures of parallel buses--to deliver full bandwidth to each device, eliminate the need for bus arbitration, reduce latency and greatly simplify hot-plug and hot-swap system implementations.
Serial ATA is the proactive evolution of the ATA interface from a parallel bus to a serial bus architecture.
A complete Flash/MP chip set for the Wyde Bus architecture, including CPU, EDC memory and I/O, sells for $800.
The JasPar consortium (Japan Automotive Software Platform Architecture), which was initiated by leading Japanese car makers Denso, Honda, Nissan and Toyota, is responsible for defining a uniform, interchangeable high-speed bus architecture for the Japanese car industry.
With a performance rivaling and far surpassing most high-end desktop workstations currently in the market, the 17", 1920x1200 UltraSpeed LCD Display Hollywood Pro features Intel's new workstation processor architecture, with a 4MB L2 cache shared between each of its two cores and a 1333MHz Dual-Independent Bus architecture with a core clock speed of 3.
The FS2620 also features Dual-PCI bus architecture that provides double the bandwidth, an efficient and sophisticated memory controller, and a custom ASIC designed to optimize data processing and streaming.
The fact that it is plug-and-play and the bus architecture is peer to peer (does not require a "master" node) make adoption of the bus easy for both the manufacturer and the end user.
25A of output current and is ideally suited to power downstream POL converters in Intermediate Bus Architecture (IBA) applications.
NitroVP has been used by leading electronics companies worldwide to understand SoC architecture issues such as bus architecture strategies, software/hardware interaction, component sizing, performance bottlenecks, and other partitioning and/or performance considerations.
0 combines a new, scalable service bus architecture and interoperable Web Mapping Services (WMS) with a flexible and open Web-based user interface.
From an architectural point of view, the faster-than-expected adoption of the intermediate bus architecture is driving sales of non-isolated point-of-load converters and bus converters, which are two of the fastest-growing dc-dc converter segments.
The controller supports the fast 133 MHz 64bit PCI-X bus architecture with maximum data throughput of 3 Gbits/sec per port.