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Synonyms for burying

concealing something under the ground

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He saw in the gang of red-caps nothing but a crew of pirates burying their spoils, and his cupidity was once more awakened by the possibility of at length getting on the traces of some of this lurking wealth.
And yet how otherwise had I achieved A name so glorious as by burying A brother?
That afternoon Fuchs told me story after story: about the Black Tiger Mine, and about violent deaths and casual buryings, and the queer fancies of dying men.
On this day, family members find closure by burying at least a bone of the remains of their beloved fathers, husbands, sons or brothers who were exhumed from mass graves, identified through DNA analysis and laid to rest at the Potocari Memorial Center, where most of them were last seen alive.
The honour of burying him outside the Basilica is given to him by the Archdiocese of Nairobi led by Cardinal John Njue.
'We're burying Sharon here because her husband failed to communicate to us.