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  • verb

Synonyms for bury



  • forget
  • break with
  • draw a veil over
  • think no more of
  • consign to oblivion
  • put in the past
  • not give another thought to

Synonyms for bury

to place (a corpse) in or as if in a grave

to put or keep out of sight

Synonyms for bury

cover from sight

Related Words

place in a grave or tomb

place in the earth and cover with soil

enclose or envelop completely, as if by swallowing

embed deeply

dismiss from the mind


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Contract notice: Tender for the Inclusion on Bury Council~s Framework of Approved Operators for the Provision of Home to School and College Transport.
Their bodies are thought to be in a police morgue in Paris, and the Paris prosecutor, who is in charge of the counterterrorism investigation, has not made any official request to bury them.
Aug-17 Chesterfield H 24 Bristol City A 27 Rotherham A 31 Wycombe H Sep-7 Walsall H 10 Burnley A 14 Brentford A 21 Shrewsbury H 28 Luton A Oct-1 Crewe H 5 Bury A 12 Gillingham H 15 Wrexham H 19 Bristol Rovers A 26 Watford H 30 Millwall A Nov-2 Peterborough A 9 Bournemouth H 19 Stockport A 23 Notts County H 30 Watford A Dec-3 Plymouth H 14 Preston A 21 York H 26 Burnley H 28 Walsall A Jan-1 Shrewsbury A 4 Brentford H 11 Luton H 18 Crewe A 25 Millwall H Feb-1 Bournemouth A 8 Peterborough H 15 Notts County A 22 Stockport H Mar-1 Plymouth A 8 York A 15 Preston H 22 Bristol City H 29 Chesterfield A 31 Rotherham H Apr-5 Wycombe A 12 Bury H 19 Gillingham A 26 Bristol Rovers H May-3 Wrexham A
It reads like a script from a grade-B horror movie: A mysterious infectious agent turns the brains of cattle and sheep spongy, forcing ranchers to bury the dead animals in mass graves.
PALMDALE - A family trying to bury a woman next to her husband and brother in the Palmdale Cemetery was met Tuesday by sheriff's deputies and two women who are trying to get the 115-year-old cemetery named a historical landmark.
The DynaMiTe MTK-20140 is the most integrated, powerful and established ADSL technology on the market," commented Robert Bury, xDSL Product Manager at Alcatel Microelectronics.
Hours after a 14-year-old Oak View girl was seen alive for the last time, her accused killer purportedly was seen in bloody clothes and had pleaded with a friend to help bury a body, a detective testified Wednesday.
This is also going one step further in the direction of interoperability between ADSL vendors" said Robert Bury, Marketing Manager at Alcatel Microelectronics.
9 million in federal disaster funds to replace and bury them.
Sheriff's officials said it appears the father and aunt, who together have their own children, enlisted the help of the boy's siblings to bury Ernesto Barrera, whose body was found late Sunday when deputies stopped to investigate an unoccupied car on Lopez Canyon Road.
They seek out their ancestral acre and bury themselves in the earth on which their forefathers walked.
CEMETERIES look entirely different after you bury one of your children.
5 million the federal government estimated would be needed to dismantle and bury the Wapama.
When his aunts readily admit their culpability - after all, they bury their victims with the appropriate religious funeral - his mind churns with the possibilities of getting his aunts to stop, and blaming the mess on Teddy.