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  • verb

Synonyms for bury



  • forget
  • break with
  • draw a veil over
  • think no more of
  • consign to oblivion
  • put in the past
  • not give another thought to

Synonyms for bury

to place (a corpse) in or as if in a grave

to put or keep out of sight

Synonyms for bury

cover from sight

Related Words

place in a grave or tomb

place in the earth and cover with soil

enclose or envelop completely, as if by swallowing

embed deeply

dismiss from the mind


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Radford (whom I had never met before) - he not only sat by my aunt on her journey back to Liverpool and reassured her, but also rang the hospital to see how I was and insisted on driving to Bury and bringing me home.
Bury were backed from 11- 5 into odds- on Continues page 102
Bury almost nicked a goal just before half-time when new Scunthorpe signing Phil Gulliver came close to scoring past his own keeper.
As they proved in Bury Me Standing, the dancers are ready.
They issued a statement saying: "Whilst investment into Bury Football Club is always welcome, any offer of investment will only be viewed at taking the club forward in its only one guise possible - based in the town of Bury, and as Bury Football Club.
Forever Bury was set up in 2002 when Bury were in administration to keep the club alive.
So we then decided to ask the council what permission you needed to bury on your own ground to save us the hassle.
For example, Gargett notes, partial collapses of caves or rock overhangs could kill and bury anyone taking shelter there.
County, who beat Bury 1-0 when they played at Meadow Lane last October, appear to be on course for a repeat win after taking a 69th minute lead through Danny Allsopp.
The title of Bury Me Standing is taken from a book by Isabel Fonseca about Roma, or Gypsy, culture.
Catholic takes a look at how modern Christians bury the dead.
We cannot cut his body into two in order to bury one half in Ilocos, and the other at the 'Libingan ng mga Bayani at Iba Pa' (to borrow former senator Nene Pimentel's suggested new name for the heroes' cemetery where his family is itching to bury his corpse).
Her 17-year-old grandson, Joshua Baker, had been killed when the car he was riding in plunged over the side of Interstate 5 onto the road below, and it was going to cost about $5,000 to bury him.
BURY defender Dean West gifted Swindon an equaliser with just four minutes left.