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Synonyms for burthen

a variant of 'burden'

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weight down with a load

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(28) So appalled was he with his glebe and the financial drain it imposed on him that in 1828 he wrote to his Archdeacon, Thomas Hobbes Scott, the senior ecclesiastical dignitary in the colony, requesting that he be relieved of 'this burthensome and ruinous possession' and allowed some other form of compensation from which he might expect to derive benefit.
On the contrary, he asserted that "Falshood, Heresie, mens Inventions, burthensome Superstitions intermixed with Gods Worship, and Idolatry, or any divine Creature adoration, consisting in mens bowing to, or towards Images, Crosses, Altars, Communion-tables, Reliques, or the like" had repeatedly been "generally and publiquely established" by means of "sharp and cruell persecution ...
To flatter the multitude, and to flatter excessively, was the burthensome, disgraceful, and mischievous office principally incumbent upon all" (6: 169).
War, in its best estate, never fails to impose upon the people the most burthensome taxes, and personal sufferings.
As yet no complaint has been made to me by any of the settlers respecting the high rate of wages given to such convict servants as are allowed them by the government; but if it should appear on further enquiry that the wages hitherto allowed are too burthensome to the settlers, I shall frame such new regulations on that head as may appear advisable.
have always been, and still are, in the place of a standing army; which, without receiving any pay, or being in any shape burthensome to Great Britain, Maintains the English in firm and secure possession [of the region], protects their trade, and forms an impenetrable barrier against the Spanish, whom they keep in constant awe.