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Synonyms for burthen

a variant of 'burden'

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weight down with a load

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Brooke's mind, if it had the burthen of remembering any train of thought, would let it drop, run away in search of it, and not easily come back again.
The only thing I found in all her conversation on these subjects that gave me any distaste, was, that one time in discouraging about my being far gone with child, and the time I expected to come, she said something that looked as if she could help me off with my burthen sooner, if I was willing; or, in English, that she could give me something to make me miscarry, if I had a desire to put an end to my troubles that way; but I soon let her see that I abhorred the thoughts of it; and, to do her justice, she put it off so cleverly, that I could not say she really intended it, or whether she only mentioned the practice as a horrible thing; for she couched her words so well, and took my meaning so quickly, that she gave her negative before I could explain myself.
Now and then, alas, the conscience of man takes up a burthen so heavy in horror that it can be thrown down only into the grave.
In this he was different from his father who, according to Arthur Wilson's 1653 history of James's reign, "did not love to be looked on, and those formalities of State, which set a lustre upon Princes in the peoples eyes, were but so many burthens to him" (12).
And so is the not undoing of heavy burthens, the not letting the oppressed go free, the not breaking every yoak, and the not dealing of bread to the hungry, &c.
Morals reformed--health preserved--industry invigorated--instruction diffused--public burthens lightened--Economy seated, as it were, upon a rock--the gordian knot of the Poor-Laws not cut, but untied--all by a simple idea in Architecture!....
In the Greek city of Krotona, in ancient times, one of the athletes, named Milo, accustomed himself from early years, by almost imperceptible degrees, to carry burthens of increasing weight, day after day--joining to that, of course, the other means of producing and confirming the strength and fibre of his body.
The Virginia Statute also criticized "temporal punishments or burthens." At different times and places, the burden was discriminatory taxes.
As early penal theorist and prison designer Jeremy Bentham summarized, "Morals reformed--health preserved--industry invigorated, instruction diffused--public burthens lightened-- Economy seated, as it were, upon a rock--the Gordian knot of the Poor-Laws are not cut, but untied--all by a simple idea in Architecture!" ("Panopticon," in The Panopticon Writings, edited by Miran Bozovic [London: Verso], p.
And yet, Hartman also suggests, even artists and works that speak more equivocally about political disruption, as does Percy Shelley in The Cenci, a play that savages "state-sponsored power" even as its author and text remain half-enchanted by that power, provide textual occasions for adducing, as psychoanalysis reminds us, unconscious and resistant traces within art and reading that resist unifying regimes by mimicry, even as Burthens interruption resists Ariel's song.
As Justice Thompson--not a Southerner but a New Yorker--inveighed, McCulloch's immunity doctrine made federal bondholders "a privileged class of public creditors, who, though living under the protection of the government, are exempted from bearing any of its burthens." (77) As President Jackson noted in his veto message, exempting a nationally chartered bank from taxes that state-chartered banks had to pay conferred an unfair competitive advantage on one private party over another.
The cell was "so hot and so close, that we were fain to rise often out of our bed, and lie down at a chink of their door for air to fetch breath; and with the fire within, and the heat without, our skin was like sheep's Leather, and the hair did fall off our heads, and we did fail often our afflictions and burthens were so great, that when it was day we wished for nights, and when it was night we wished for day; we fought death, but could not find it; We desired to die, but death fled from us.
"Morals reformed--health preserved--industry invigorated instruction diffused--public burthens [burdens] lightened economy seated, as it were, upon a rock--the Gordian knot of the poor-law not cut, but untied--all by a simple idea in architecture," Bentham enthused, proclaiming that his Panopticon represented "a new mode of obtaining power of mind over mind, in a quantity hitherto without example." The energetic Bentham tried to persuade the British government to let him design a Panopticon prison, but was ultimately unsuccessful.
It only lacks suitable financial and other arrangements to warrant the successful maintenance of these burthens. (22)
will go farther, it will go to the exoneration of the nation from increased burthens and to the relief of those who are to follow us ..." (9) As soon as the war began in 1793, though, the government accrued greater liabilities and added to the debt that Pitt attempted to alleviate; but, Pitt was forced into a war that he did not want to fight or fund.