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This commentary by the youth is consistent with the reflections of teachers who, as described previously, viewed themselves as "bubble bursters.
Gamma-ray Mystery "Since their discovery a decade ago, the mysterious celestial gamma-ray bursters have refused to give up the secret of their origin.
Bursters for air-dropped CS drums were more reliable and effective than the jury-rigged, detonation cord-wrapped drums used previously.
Although the GFP-[beta]-cat* group had a slightly higher proportion of bursters than the control and Ncad(intra) groups, these differences were not significant.
Hypernova include Gamma Ray Bursters - the largest explosions since the Big Bang, which created the universe.
The 74 papers explore the behavior and characteristics of these stars, the origin of their instabilities, their final stages, and their relation to the stars that become hypernovae and gamma ray bursters.
Jumpers, stumpers, dumpers, dunkers, bleeders, floaters, poppers, bursters," Mike confesses.
Hot new lines include DeKuyper Pucker Schnapps, Hiram Walker Sour Balls, and Marie Brizzard Fruit Bursters.
Prof Bode's can now concentrate on saving the Earth from asteriods and violent space explosions called Gamma Ray Bursters (GRBs).
There are also M&M's Bursters -- foil-wrapped M&M's characters containing M&M's Minis.
Smithsonian Folkways hopes to tap into the National Air and Space Museum's collection of space noises: astronauts' voices, radio signals from gamma-ray bursters.
Indeed, what lunatic could have dreamed of quasars, gamma-ray bursters, or stars spinning a thousand times per second?
1) Gamma ray bursters have been traced to their sources 9-12 billion light years away.
No one knew exactly what these gamma-ray bursters were.
If businesses espousing social responsibility do a thorough job of highlighting the difficulties of carrying out a social mission and assessing whether they truly make a difference, they will not be vulnerable to attacks by "bubble bursters," people who attack these businesses in a way that is not constructive.