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Interlott will recondition and use certain internal components of these machines, including the patented bursters, in manufacturing the certified new 16-bin models for the lottery.
Jumpers, stumpers, dumpers, dunkers, bleeders, floaters, poppers, bursters," Mike confesses.
Hot new lines include DeKuyper Pucker Schnapps, Hiram Walker Sour Balls, and Marie Brizzard Fruit Bursters.
Prof Bode's can now concentrate on saving the Earth from asteriods and violent space explosions called Gamma Ray Bursters (GRBs).
There are also M&M's Bursters -- foil-wrapped M&M's characters containing M&M's Minis.
1) Gamma ray bursters have been traced to their sources 9-12 billion light years away.
If businesses espousing social responsibility do a thorough job of highlighting the difficulties of carrying out a social mission and assessing whether they truly make a difference, they will not be vulnerable to attacks by "bubble bursters," people who attack these businesses in a way that is not constructive.
We've seen pulsars and we've seen bursters, but never together in the same source," says codiscoverer Chryssa Kouveliotou of the Universities Space Research Association (USRA) and NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala.
By printing single IRDs, the TROY IRD 9000 1up eliminates the need for document bursters or cutters costing thousands of dollars.
address printers, bursters and cutters, pressure sealing mailing systems, tabbing and labeling systems, and envelope sealers.
Following the coordinator's visit to a NASA/AAVSO workshop at Huntsville, Alabama in 2000, a challenge was issued to our patrollers to image optical counterparts of Gamma Ray Bursters, which was achieved by several observers.
In addition to the cranial outlines, dorsoventral landmarks included: cervical sensilla, origin of the coronal suture, egg bursters, dorsal mandibular articulations, origin of occipital suture, corneal lenses (17) one, two and three (18), anteromaxillary margins, cervical notches, and tentorial pits on the venter.
Field trials showed that standard bursters were too small to disseminate GA due to the low volatility of the agent.
Because of its robotic capability, the telescope will be able to react instantaneously to detection of gamma-ray bursters by satellite and, within seconds,gather optical data to investigate these remarkable objects in unprecedented detail.
Gamma ray bursters are the most violent explosions since the Big Bang but scientists are baffled as to what causes them.