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This stellar system made headlines in 1975 when the Astronomical Netherlands Satellite revealed it as the first known X-ray burster in the heavens.
Here, a machine called the arming plug extractor removes the arming plug and exposes the burster.
Researchers also announced this week that GRO's Compton Gamma Ray Telescope captured the first image of a gamma-ray burster.
Contract Awarded for The procurement of the M110A2 projectile metal parts and the M1E1 burster casing
He began with the gamma ray burster GRB080319B which was detected on 2008 March 19 and which, astoundingly, reached the naked eye magnitude of 5.
The 24-bin EDS-Q, or Expandable Dispensing System Quad Burster, vending machine provides the most reliable dispensing system combined with the best visual display and the smallest footprint in the industry.
The accumulated data indicate that although the shape of the object's pulses in time resembles that of a gamma-ray burster, it repeats like an X-ray burster.
The opening heat is an absolute burster, with some frightening early pace on view.
Continuous Forms Processing - processes computer output when the 5 Series(tm)inserter is linked with a burster or cutter.
The EDS-Q machines incorporate our newest patented burster and can be customized in the field for up to 24 bins," Nichols added.
The EDS-Q incorporates our newest patented burster and offers lotteries the versatility to customize the ticket bin configuration in the field for up to 24-bins.
Predator 2 for "chest bursting" -- "as a fledgling alien chest burster, chew your way through some chump's rib cage and erupt out in oozing postnatal glory.
Another M&M's innovations -- Minis Burster Egg (3.
The occurrence of such an explosion would likely be marked by a very energetic y-ray burster.