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We see T5X2 as a 'model burster,' the one that's doing everything expected of it," Diego Altamirano, co-author of the paper from the University of Amsterdam in The Netherlands, said.
Ixthus Instrumentation has launched a non-contacting precision torque sensor with optional measurement of shaft angle and speed from German partner Burster.
Another example of using the VE process involved the production of the M54 burster tube, which is used as a component in a 155mm smoke projectile.
The force is measured with a tension-compression load cell (model 8435-5500: measuring range of 0-500 N) from Burster Praezisionsmesstechnik GmbH and Co.
Contact pressure was monitored by a load cell (DMS, Type 8416-5500, range 0-500 N; Burster, Gernsbach, Germany) positioned between the AE transducer and the screw of the acrylic resin clamp (Fig.
Upper side has fit and holes with thread for all Burster torque sensors.
Detonator or igniter sets off burster or main charge (filler)
Burster Device: This is a delivery mechanism for chemical agents such as sarin, a nerve agent 500 times more toxic than cyanide.
Because it detonates at high temperatures, it is used in various kinds of explosives, rocket fuels and burster chargers
In this presentation I will summarize the currently-accepted burster models and describe the ramifications if one were to explode in our part of the Milky Way.
Another M&M's innovations -- Minis Burster Egg (3.
The occurrence of such an explosion would likely be marked by a very energetic y-ray burster.