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Synonyms for flame

Synonyms for flame

the visible signs of combustion

to undergo combustion

Synonyms for flame

the process of combustion of inflammable materials producing heat and light and (often) smoke

shine with a sudden light

be in flames or aflame

Related Words

criticize harshly, usually via an electronic medium

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Summary: The phone burst into flames and was almost burnt.
The two mariners escaped the Flybridge motorboat before it sank after a generator burst into flames.
Shock after car bursts into flames A MOTORIST had a lucky escape after a car burst into flames yesterday.
As a result, the oil tanker burst into flames and the fire engulfed cars loaded on the trailer as well as a couple of other vehicles.
KARACHI -- At least three people were burnt to death and five others suffered burn injuries on Wednesday when an oil tanker burst into flames after colliding with a long trailer at the Super Highway near Karachi.
THE DRIVER of a car which burst into flames outside his house says he is grateful his four-year-old son and wife were not in the car.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- A moving car in ystanbul's Zeytiburnu district burst into flames. Three people nearly getting off from the vehicle at the eleventh hour while the car put off by fire brigade units.
ISLAMABAD, Rajab 15, 1436, May 04, 2015, SPA -- A Pakistani police officer says the death toll from an accident in which a minibus struck a power line and burst into flames has climbed to 13 after five people died at hospitals overnight, AP reported.
TEHRAN (FNA)- A small plane crashed and burst into flames just after takeoff from a regional airport outside the US city of Cleveland, Ohio, killing all four people on board.
A LUCKY van driver managed to pull over and escape unhurt just moments before it burst into flames.
Summary: Alaska: Ten people were killed on Sunday when a floatplane crashed and burst into flames ...
A second elementary school girl has died from burns she suffered last month when a kerosene stove in her classroom burst into flames.
An HGV, carrying a cargo of industrial acid, burst into flames near Corley Services after one of its tyres blew out.
Six people died yesterday when a bus carrying German tourists hit a truck and burst into flames on an expressway in northern China.