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Synonyms for flame

Synonyms for flame

the visible signs of combustion

to undergo combustion

Synonyms for flame

the process of combustion of inflammable materials producing heat and light and (often) smoke

shine with a sudden light

be in flames or aflame

Related Words

criticize harshly, usually via an electronic medium

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10am IST when the plane went off the runway and burst into flames.
Summary: A Sharjah taxi burst into flames at the Al Qasimia Street signal around 5pm on Monday.
The fuel tank of the Milbankes' car burst into flames, the fire quickly spreading to the second car.
Ward's Peugeot 306, in which his son and wife were passengers, left the road, crashed through a hedge and burst into flames.
West Midlands Fire Service Assistant Divisional Officer Tim Gardiner said: 'As we arrived the car burst into flames and we had to drag the occupants out of the blazing vehicle.
Summary: A British man was among nine people who died after a light aircraft crashed and burst into flames in New Zealand.
A SALT tanker burst into flames on the M62 at rush-hour yesterday.
A ROAD rage woman burned to death after revving her engine until it burst into flames.
A speeding bus packed with passengers veered off the road, crashed into a ditch and burst into flames in eastern Bangladesh, leaving more than 40 passengers dead and many others injured.
The Chinook helicopter he was in burst into flames after its rotor blades hit a set of aeroplane steps nearby.
Traveling speeds up to 120 mph, the motorcycle burst into flames, CHP Officer Wendy Hahn said.
A MOTORIST was killed and another injured in a smash in which two cars burst into flames on impact.
Two young illegal immigrants, travelling in the boot of a car, were burnt alive after the vehicle crashed and burst into flames.
The passenger plane burst into flames after clipping the top of a mechanic's shop at the end of the runway during take off from an airport in Ecuador.
Summary: Passengers on a plane in the US had to use the emergency chutes when a tyre exploded and burst into flames on landing.