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Synonyms for burst

Synonyms for burst

to come open or fly apart suddenly and violently, as from internal pressure

to release or cause to release energy suddenly and violently, especially with a loud noise

to become manifest suddenly and in full force

burst out: to speak suddenly or sharply, as from surprise or emotion

a violent release of confined energy, usually accompanied by a loud sound and shock waves

a sudden violent expression, as of emotion

a concentrated outpouring, as of missiles, words, or blows

Synonyms for burst

the act of exploding or bursting

rapid simultaneous discharge of firearms

Related Words

a sudden flurry of activity (often for no obvious reason)


a sudden intense happening

come open suddenly and violently, as if from internal pressure

force out or release suddenly and often violently something pent up

burst outward, usually with noise

move suddenly, energetically, or violently

Related Words

be in a state of movement or action

Related Words

emerge suddenly

Related Words

break open or apart suddenly and forcefully

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Johnson is a cagey 39-year-old, who has been smart and tough enough to survive against Vitali Klitschko and Tyson Fury in his 43-fight pro career and, when the mood takes him, he has burst bubbles.
Cyprus's economy may still not be bubble-free, even as it is about to complete the reform programme agreed with its creditors aiming at repairing causes and the symptoms of burst bubbles in the banking and real estate sectors, a prominent economist said.
NOEL CONNORS is on a mission is to burst Bubbles - but admits it's one of the toughest tasks in hurling.
Improvement more likely than not and entered in Coronation Stakes, but facing some promising fillies and this track has a tendency to burst bubbles. Conclusion Looked scopey at Newbury and worth sticking with.
In line with the philosophy of the "freedom of the fool," Willhelm plays the irreverent jester to the kings of the industry, challenging the establishment to think differently, daring to burst bubbles with truths that are only admitted in private.
Programmes which inspire children to burst bubbles and draw pictures will match their movements to prescribed therapy programmes, encouraging healing movements.
The reduction in the amount of He bubbles is attributed to burst bubbles and escaped He from the AlB sample at high temperatures.
These are the unforeseen consequences that trigger crises, burst bubbles, systemic catastrophes--and alternate possibilities, too.