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inflammation of a bursa

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You have more than 150 bursae throughout your body, but bursitis tends to strike in larger joints, particularly the hips.
Repeated bumping or prolonged pressure on a joint also may contribute to bursitis, as can poor posture and medical problems such as gout and thyroid disease.
Most commonly, the main symptom of bursitis is pain, either with movement or without movement.
Greater trochanteric pain syndrome is a diverse clinical entity caused by different underlying conditions, such as trochanteric bursitis, gluteus medius/minimus tears, and iliotibial band thickening [8].
Septic bursitis results from either bacterial introduction into the bursa or translocation from a surrounding skin-skin structure infection [2].
Tuberculous tendinitis and bursitis are also a cause of tendon rupture [5].
The symptoms of pterygoid hamulus bursitis cited by Shankland are multifaceted; pain in the hamular region, palatal pain, earache, odynophagia, maxillary pain, dysphagia, and localized erythema [5].
In humans, the medical condition prepatellar bursitis affects which part of the body?
Common sites for bursitis to develop are olecranon, psoas tendon, greater trochanter, iliotibial band, prepatellar, infrapatellar and retrocalcaneal.
Our objective was to assess the effectiveness of low versus middle-energy ESWT on snapping scapula bursitis.
Bursitis is a common disease entity and could develop in every area of the body.
Septic bursitis (SB) is an important differential diagnosis in athletes presenting with an acute subcutaneous swelling of the elbow or knee.
Sprains, strains, and contusions, as well as tendinitis and bursitis, are common soft-tissue injuries.