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a city in northwestern Turkey


a small fluid-filled sac located between movable parts of the body especially at joints

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Governor Bursa Izzettin Kk emphasized that the brotherly relations between Pakistan and Turkey went back centuries and added that the Turkish people would never forget the help of the people of Pakistan for the Turkish War of Independence.
Views were exchanged on further intensifying the trade, commercial, investment, educational and cultural cooperation between Bursa and Pakistan.
It is possible your fall may be to blame if you landed on your hip, since the bony point of the hip has a fairly large bursa overlying it.
La enfermedad de Gumboro o Enfermedad Infecciosa de la Bursa (EIB) es una de las patologias de mayor importancia para la avicultura en el mundo debido a las perdidas economicas que ocasiona por mortalidad y por su efecto inmunosupresivo (Babaahmady, 2005).
Por lo tanto, el objetivo del presente estudio fue evaluar la eficacia de un programa de vacunacion usando una cepa intermedia-intermedia del virus de la enfermedad infecciosa de la bursa en pollos de postura comercial sometidas a un reto experimental con la cepa F52/70.
When the bursa becomes inflamed, it often produces additional fluid, becomes enlarged, and causes much pain.
Sometimes, weak muscles around the hip may cause the tissue to abnormally rub against me bursa and the bone.
When there's inflammation, the bursa loses its gliding capabilities and becomes more and more irritated.
There's a small risk an inflamed bursa can become infected.
Bursas were set up in Edmonton in 1917, in Sifton and Teulon in Manitoba, and in Vegreville in Alberta.
During the war years, Bishop Budka was instrumental in establishing parishes, building schools and bursas in his nation-wide eparchy.
Los indices morfometricos de la bursa y del timo no reflejan los cambios en el peso de las bursas y timos en cada grupo, ya que se observa un moderado descenso de ambos indices durante las tres ultimas semanas.
22-year-old player came to Bursa on Tuesday to sign the official contract.
According to the online helpline, NHS Direct, an inflamed bursa causes pain and tenderness - and may also restrict movement of the joint.
Tuesday's game in Bursa will be the second of back-to-back meetings between Bursaspor and Manchester United.