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the treasury of a public institution or religious order

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Many are saying such students must also be given bursary awards to help them in their educational pursuits.
Liam Sammon from OCR presenting Adil Patwary with his Bursary Award
At the annual Legal Shield bursary award ceremony at Iitumba near Windhoek, Trustco Insurance awarded three bursaries of N$25,000 each to deserving law students enrolled at the University of Namibia.
The awards are made annually in three categories covering whole cities and sustainable projects along with a bursary award.
Thank you to the CANNT Board of Directors for selecting me to be the recipient of the 2011 Franca Tantalo Graduate Bursary Award. It is with great pride and honour that I accept this award.
NEW full-time students are being invited to write a 1,000-word essay on one of three topics involving their future career, farming interests or the barriers facing young people entering the industry for the Farmers'' Union of Wales annual pounds 1,000 bursary award launched today.
Legal Studies for Aboriginal People (LSAP) PRE-LAW Bursary Award: May 15
But listeners of a sensitive disposition ought to be warned that the drama, the script for which won Wilson last year's Alfred Bradley Bursary Award, is a distinctly post-watershed production.
Too many people, especially our politicians, do little more than talk about assisting sporting development but the Daily Record is actually committed to providing help through our Bursary Award Scheme which will support five of Scotland's best young hopes.
Following the success of the 2003 conference bursary award paper presentation, IPSERA will sponsor further master's and doctoral students to attend its annual conference in 2004.
Irish People reporter MIKE BROWNE picked up the Martin O'Hagan Bursary award for investigative journalist of the year.
Mr Waller is one of 38 priests who have been given an Ecclesiastical Insurance Bursary Award by the Ecclesiastical Insurance Group, Britain's leading insurer of Anglican church property.
Ogunlade assured Governor Makinde and the people of the state that the beneficiaries of the bursary award would return to make their contributions to the development of the state.
Ideas so far have included a blue plaque, a statue, a memorial event or concert or even a fund for a bursary award to enable a young person from the area to fulfil their potential."