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the treasury of a public institution or religious order

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The Graeme Miles bursary was open to North-east based artists aged between 18 and 25 with the aim of funding an important development opportunity, project or programme of activity that would have a lasting impact on their career.
The Bursary Programme has already helped students from across the West Midlands with a variety of assistance including help with travel costs, books and specialised clothing and uniforms.
Two of the 2014 bursary recipients are thus females: Catherine Shifotoka, who is studying for a degree in Metallurgical Engineering, and Iyaloo Amadhila, who is enrolled for Chemistry.
Calum McEachern, an International Hospitality and Tourism student at QMU, was delighted to receive a Ryder Cup bursary.
Jolene Duggleby, who coaches wheelchair basketball at Percy Hedley Sports Academy in Newcastle, said: "As a girl in what is a male-dominated sport, the bursary has had a huge impact by allowing me to further my development as a wheelchair basketball coach.
The bursary scheme aims to encourage young people up to the age of 30 who live in the rural Vale, or have lived there for five years in the past, to present their ideas for setting up a business in the area.
Illegal immigrant Dzikamai Mhakayakora, from Zimbabwe, jailed at Chelmsford Crown Court for nine months after trousering pounds 85,000 in a bursary and wages.
Some of the prerequisites for this bursary include, youth must be of Aboriginal descent; be from a Northern community; demonstrate financial need; demonstrate leadership qualities and commitment in their home community; be pursuing a degree program at The University of Winnipeg in one of the following areas: Aboriginal Governance, Administrative Studies, Environmental Studies, Education, specializing in 'environmental education', Geography, with a concentration in climate studies courses.
However, efforts to top up the bursary funds are underway and Llwyddo'n Lleol is expect to re-open for further bids in August.
A WIRRAL schoolgirl is following her dream to become a marine biologist thanks to a new bursary scheme.
Spokesman for the university, Peter Dunn, said: 'Our current bursary system has been very, very successful and the Government has looked at us and has decided the bursary system does work.
The Rotary Bursary Endowment Fund was surprised to get a $10,000 donation from the Terri and John Vellinga to help give bursaries to students in need of financial assistance for their upcoming years at university or college.
TALENTED young musicians are being urged to apply for a bursary created in memory of a renowned Teesside songwriter.
uk/scholarships Bursaries FACT: Around 40% of students at Cardiff University receive a Cardiff University Bursary FACT: The Bursary for the 2014/15 academic year is PS1,000 - on top of any government-funded maintenance grants/loans /fee remission.
In addition to this, they may be eligible for a tax-free training bursary or a scholarship, of up to PS25,000.